Russia will enter the club of countries with high-speed railways


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The time of time, people sought to move on the ground as quickly as possible. Therefore, a revolutionary invention was invented — the wheel. But this was not enough, therefore, the horse for thousands of years remained the most basic means of movement. But the 19th century was simply revolutionary in the history of mankind. Railway was invented. Of course, later, an aircraft was created and it became the highest-speed vehicle carrying passengers. But today, trains remain one of the most massive vehicles. After all, the trains can at once transport a large number of passengers. In addition, the speed of trains is growing. As you know, the club of countries with high-speed railways (SMM) does not include such a large number of countries: China, Japan, Germany, France, Spain.

It becomes clear that Russia, as the largest country in the world, is simply necessary to have a BCH, at least by the main, most densely populated areas. Plus, one line through Yekaterinburg to Western Siberia, to the city of Krasnoyarsk through Novosibirsk, as these are large millionth city. After all, China, over which 20 years ago laughed like a backward country — now more than 30,000 kilometers of high-speed railway highways. It becomes clear that it is very expensive, but necessary. Of course, there is no need to build highways on a magnetic cushion. Enough and what is. For example, in Russia for more than one year, high-speed Saapsan trains are running, developing speeds up to 250-300 km / h. But these are speeds on the already existing railway tracks. For higher speeds, you will have to build new railways.

And here, news. Russia is included in the club of countries with high-speed railway. More recently, in Russian Railways, it was stated that from next year, Russia will begin to build the most difficult sections in Moscow and St. Petersburg — these are approaches to these cities. Then, since 2023, the main part of the high-speed highway will be built. It is noteworthy that the highway will pass through the city of Veliky Novgorod. Of course, the planning of the cities themselves: in Moscow and St. Petersburg — will be changed there, where the highway itself will be held. Naturally, for starters, the construction of the highway is precisely between Moscow and St. Petersburg — logical, as it is the most populated cities. Therefore, it will show the real passenger traffic by high-speed trains. As you know, the first train along the high-speed highway will be held in 2026-2027.

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