Russia suspended the creation of the superheavy of the carrier rocket.


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It is known that sending and landing a person on the moon is the main task of such space powers as the United States, Russia and China. And until the end of this decade, these countries plan to implement this intent. The United States swallowed even further, and prepare for sending an expedition to Mars. For this, superheavy rockets are created, both Ilona’s Spacex mask and NASA aerospace corporation Boeing. Both those and others succeeded. Boeing conducts final tests of march engines for SLS rocket and in November of this year, the test launch of the rocket into space is scheduled. And Spacex, so in general, everything is fine and their Falcon Heavy rocket has already flown into space. China, as well, at the stage of active development. But what about Russia?

In Russia, with the creation of the super heavy rocket «Yenisei», everything was fine, if not, «thunder among the clear sky.» Most recently, consider that the other day, the Council on Space of the Russian Academy of Sciences decided to suspend the creation of a superheavy rocket for flights to the moon. Very time, of course. Especially when in the US one super heavy rocket was created by a private corporation, and the second rocket will fly this year. Very and very in time. So also suspended for an incomprehensible term. But the fact is that in Russia there is a development of a rocket methane engine of the RD-0177. Now, it is at the test stage. It is essentially a breakthrough project that is terribly losing. After all, the United States has this engine named Raptor — already experienced on StarShip. The project of this engine is so needed by Russia as a «sip of fresh air». They say that such engines are the future. I will explain why.

Methane engine — really, the engine of the future. Let’s say that in the kerosene engine, Nagar is formed and because of this, the use of such a step, or rather, the engine is unprofitable, expensive from an economic point of view. It is easier to build a new engine, it will be cheaper. But at the methane engine — the first step can be used in theory, a whole hundred times. So, the first step of such a rocket — can become a multi-way, like Falcon-9 rocket. This means that Russia is in step from the creation of missiles with a multi-sized first step. Moreover, Falcon-9 The first stage works on kerosene. That is, its economic profitability, partial. But the beginning of using rocket engines on methane — will be a breakthrough for Russia. Moreover, this engine, as planned, will be used on the Soyuz-7 missile, which will be for the similarity of the American Rocket Falcon-9.

So, for Russia it would be silly to close both the super-heavy rocket project and the engine on methane. Years will be lost, and the United States, by this time, will go further in this area. Moreover, the Rocket «Yenisei» is far from just a rocket. «Yenisei» is the main rocket that will be used at the second stage of the Russian lunar program. It will deliver goods to the moon. Also, this rocket will be used to disembark the cosmonauts of the Russian Federation to the surface of the Moon .. it is accelerated blocks, as is known, as if, the first steps of the Soyuz-7 rocket will be. It is clear that the «Soyuz-7» rocket will most likely be. But it is a pity that the super-heavy rocket project «Yenisei» suspended.

By the way, it may be even better. Maybe after that, in Roscosmos, there will be a change of personnel initiated by the most «upper» echelons of power. After all, it is abnormal. When the country’s place in the list of cosmic powers, when its reputation under the blow — and then, «Batz» wounds suspends such an ambitious project. By putting our country into an uncomfortable, losing position. Moreover, this rocket is necessary for flights to the moon. This decision questioned by Russia’s fulfillment of its lunar program. Perhaps the RAS has the projects of cheaper missiles for the lunar mission. But how much can already be engaged in the same. It’s time to decide and crime to practical actions. There is an option that the leadership of the country will finally take over Roskosmos, as it is a matter of the future of all Russian cosmonautics.

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