Russia successfully created its own marine engine


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We have already written about large success of Russia several times both in the field of aircraft and in the sphere of aviation engine. Both of these areas are interrelated, since it is impossible to be an aviation power, without knowing how to produce aviation engines. Fortunately, in Russia, these enterprises have been preserved since the Soviet Union. In recent years, aircraft, including those sector in the economy, which moves forward.

But it is impossible not to remember that in addition to aviation, there is no less powerful cluster in our country — shipbuilding. And here, indeed, the state is embedded at full. The shipbuilding sphere is so important in Russia, since our country has access to three oceans, and therefore the fleet must be acceptable as military and civilian. And here Russia has great progress. Completely updated, or the Navy’s Navy is upgraded. New military ships are being built.

And here, we remember once again that we have access to the global ocean. This means that Russia strongly needs the construction of the newest military fleet of the marine and ocean zone. And as we understand, without reliable and powerful engines for these ships — Russia will simply not be able to build such a fleet. All because after the start of the political crisis in Ukraine in 2014, Russia lost the market for maritime gas turbine power units both in the countries of the West and Ukraine.

Let me remind you that here we are talking about ship gas turbine engines. Such engines were made in the Soviet Union only on the territory of Ukraine in Nikolaev at the NGO «Mashproekt». By the way, diesel power units were produced in the RSFSR. They are produced in Russia and now. But large ships require large and powerful aggregates, which in Russia there were no. But now, this situation in our country has been fixed. And as not strange, this process spurred the situation in Ukraine.

By closing the market for Russia, West and Ukraine — thought that would put an end to the creation of the newest Russian Navy. The result was completely different: Ukraine lost its main buyer of products of Ukrainian engine, and therefore there is no orders and work remains afloat. Europe and the United States Ukrainian ship gas turbine power units are not needed. And Russia is not thinking for a long time, simply created in the territory of this industry from scratch. Of course, in Russia they thought about creating the Russian branch of the ship gas turret year 20 years ago.

Back in 2006 and 2008, the first prototypes of Russian marine gas turbine engines were designed. But then there were engines with a maximum capacity of up to 14,000 hp. After 2014, the development of more powerful engines would be launched, which would be replaced by imported. Such steel engines with a capacity of up to 27,500 hp The industry is completely new for our country, created at the enterprises of the United Engine-Engineering Corporation, which is part of the State Corporation «Rostech». And this is not the limit, now there is a development of a more powerful ship gas turbine engine, with a capacity of 34,000 hp.

For the sake of justice, we say that Russia has formed a huge pace (less than in 15 years) to create the creation of the engineering industry from scratch, learned to produce gas turbine engines for ships in technical plan. All this speaks only one thing is that the science and technology in Russia does not stand still, but develops in huge pace. Well, there can not be a country in which there is no science and industry, develop and produce in such a short time the aggregates are most complicated.

Even if the West or Ukraine will open their markets and will allow Russia to buy strength aggregates from them, then Russia is no longer profitable. All because their engines have already been developed and they overlap the real orders of ships for the coming years. And these orders will only grow, and deprive our own enterprises in favor of unreliable foreign suppliers, Russia will not. After all, they showed that they are unreliable in the literal sense of the word. We wish Russia success and continued success in this direction.

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