Russia revives supersonic civil aviation, but is it worth


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The XX century gave humanity many technological innovations. Much of these created technologies serves to this day and is no longer possible to present our lives without them. What can not be said about supersonic aircraft. It so happened that at the beginning of the 21st century it was refused from this technology. But it is only in the field of passenger traffic. In the military sphere, this class of aircraft dominates. These include both combat fighters, front-line bombers and supersonic strategic bombers.

The coagulation of programs of supersonic aircraft pushed people a lot of reasons, such as, for example, the fuel efficiency of this type of aviation. For the same reason, the cost of tickets on the flight from the point «A» to the point «b» was increased. In addition, there were cases of a plane crash, both with the Briton-French «Concord» and with the Soviet Tu-144.

But still, the main reason is the economic inexpediency of using supersonic aircraft. After all, the flight on the supersonic aircraft is not to say that it is very saving time, because a person in any case will have to get to the airport, and then from the airport after arrival in the right city. But prices for tickets compared to subsonic passenger aircraft — there is no sense above much and overpay.

In addition, supersonic aircraft did not accommodate a large number of passengers, comparable to Airbus A320 Neo. This is certainly little. Modern «Boeing» and «Aerbasy» can transport much more passengers and most importantly, much cheaper. Moreover, modern passenger wide-body liners can and after half of the planet, fly without refueling. The meaning in supersonic liners is lost in principle.

And yet, there is information that the MAKS-2021 air show will be shown the model of the Russian supersonic passenger aircraft. And they will show for the first time. It is known that the SGS is called «Streach» and, in fact, has a completely new concept of a supersonic aircraft. This is the new layout of the fuselage and, it is important in this aircraft segment — the weight loss loss.

All this gives an airplane what does not give to develop supersonic passenger liners — saving fuel. In addition, there is another huge advantage in the newest Russian supersonic liner — this is a low sound impact. This is also an important component. Who is at least a little familiar with the theme of aviation — they understand what a sound blow and its consequences.

Specifically, it is not clear at what stage is the creation of this aircraft, but the presentation of the model itself is a positive signal in the development of the Russian aviation industry, in general. This may be, among other things, a serious signal to the fact that Russia intends to revive supersonic civil aviation.

Immediately populates a natural question: «Is it worth it?»? Of course, it is difficult to answer this question. And yet, given the huge size of Russia and the entire post-Soviet space, it becomes clear that if we achieve significant fuel efficiency in this class of aircraft, you can achieve a decrease in airline tickets to flights on aircraft of this class.

From myself I would like to add that if the possible ideas of Russia in this area will be accurately implemented in life, then I will say here without exaggeration that you need to seek the rapid release of the Russian supersonic civilian aircraft to the international level. Supersonic aircraft require huge distances for themselves.

Flights for shorter distances from 2 to 5 thousand km will be simply inappropriate for this aircraft, since the speed of this aircraft can reach from 2100-2500 km per hour. You understand that with supersonic speed, the plane flies not all the time of its flight. And then, the plane will not have time to rise to the upper echelon, as he will have to go down and go to the landing.

Therefore, long-range passenger aircraft need long distances for flights. Well, let’s say: Moscow — Vladivostok, where the distance in a straight line for more than 6 thousand km is suitable for this aircraft. And Moscow — Novosibirsk — hardly, as the distance here is straight less than 3 thousand km. The plane will not have time to fly at supersonic at least one and a half hours. The flight will last less than two hours.

However, due to high speed, it will decrease more than twice the time for the flight between the remote cities of Russia and the capital. There may be direct flights from the Far East to the Black Sea Coast of the Caucasus, which will eliminate senseless transplants in Moscow, which will unload the capital airports.

In general, as they say, wait and see. We wish good luck to our country in this direction. There are chances that here we will become the first in this sector and be able to revive supersonic civil aviation. Agree, because not only China’s allied to us — can create new technologies, for example, in the same railway sector. We will talk about the Chinese development of the newest train in the next article.

And today everything. Thank you for reading to the end. We are waiting for your reading of our new articles.