Russia returns to the World Aviaprom: the MS-21 plane — became a decisive answer to Airbus and Boeing


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Aviation transport is one of the most part, as it allows in a short time to move by a large number of people for huge distances. In Soviet times, the aviation industry of our country was on the rise. But after the collapse of the Soviet Union, our aviaprom, in fact, collapsed. After, no one believed in the revival of Russia as the powers in general, including in the sphere of the aviation industry. It seemed that everything, in Russia there is no such industry, in principle, only miserable crumbs. I could not believe that the Russian land will be able to create a «car», which can compete with such giants as Airbus and Boeing. Perhaps there were thoughts that could be, anything, but only with the enormous support of the West. Or how can you talk now — with investment. After all, even China, goes to the creation of his «car», which will be able to compete precisely the medium-haul, as the most widely used currently. Now this segment is held above the mentioned corporations with their Airbus A320NEO and Boeing 737 Max machines. All would have nothing, well done that the whole world was able to «dive» under themselves in this field. But the question is subject to: «What are we worse»? And here, here, our opponents may have an attack of indignation and subsequent propaganda and a negative response in our direction and our airflow, in general. And that’s why.

The fact is that the new Russian passenger aircraft MS-21-300 managed to show a lot of noise after flight tests passed a few years ago. More recently, this aircraft has passed a flight test with the Russian PD-14 engines and the share of domestic components in them, including Russian PD-14 engines reached 80%. And then it is those details and aggregates that are produced in Russia in domestic factories and developed by domestic engineers. And this is the most important thing. Not that foreign components that are developed abroad and are made here with us, namely, domestic developments. This is in bewilderment of both foreign experts in the field of aircraft, and our sofa experts who still seem to be frozen in the 90s, and that there is nothing at all, even the notorious galosh.

The domestic car has many advantages that, oddly enough, appreciated even in the West. For example, the fact that our plane is capable of transporting more passengers without prejudice to convenience. Such is the design of the aircraft. The airplane itself is very high complex, made in compliance with international standards and standards, which will allow him to take one of the first places in his niche for sale in the future, which means that the coverage in the world. Also, the advantage is that the aircraft is equipped with domestic engines made in Perm. Economically he wins European and American counterparts. The cost of one airliner is about $ 90 million. It is much lower than foreign analogues. At the time of 2017, there were already 175 so-called «solid» orders for this aircraft. Of course, more than half of the customers are Russian companies. Many orders were at the discussion stage.

Below is a table taken from open sources of the Internet, which shows the comparative characteristic of MS-21-300 aircraft, Airbus A320NEO and Boeing 737MAX-9.

Of course, no one feeds the illusions and it is clear that it will not be possible to immediately conquer the global market, it will be necessary to pass the aircraft certification abroad. Also, it will be necessary to prepare service centers in the countries of the world with the supply of spare parts and airliner units necessary, for timely service, which will increase profitability and interest in this car in foreign companies. Nevertheless, the civil aviation market both in Russia and around the world is growing, and therefore Russia will be able to take part of the market in world civil aviation. The only thing, it is clear that we will «make sticks in the wheels» our «partners from Europe and the USA, because they have been engaged in a few years ahead of the airliner sales market in this segment.

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