Russia returns to the moon.


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Today, the question of mastering the Moon among the leading countries of the world — almost became one of the most important. It is clear. And prestige, and technology development. But you need to understand that from these leading countries — not every can do it. No relevant technologies. In essence, sending and disembarking on the man’s moon — can make Russia, China and the United States. You can also include the European Space Agency. Of course, more successful, advanced in this issue of the United States, since they practically advertise everything. To some extent, Russia can be attributed here. But Russia has a more classified program and is not clear at what stage work is. And now more about the Russian program.

The central place in the project is a transport system designed to carry out manned flights into the orbit of the moon. This implies a space manned ship and a runway. In addition, the «Angara-A5» carrier rocket will play a key role in the manned launch scheme, the work with which is complete and already has two successful starts. The long-lasting interval in the launch is due to the fact that the assembly of these missiles is transferred to the city of Omsk in Western Siberia. And in the Far East, there is a new starting platform on the new Russian civilian cosmodrome «East» in the Amur region.

So in the same way, Roscosmos intends to send the first Russians to the moon, as a scheme. On October 30, 2019, the RKK «Energia» presented a scheme of the piloted flight to the moon. For this mission, the Eagle ship will be used, which previously had the name «Federation». Who remembers the Americans 50 years ago launched their mission to the moon, then they know that everything was launched there for a single rocket «Saturn-5». It was a superheavy rocket and for its time — the zenith of astronautics of all mankind, in general. Better missiles than «Saturn-5» — not yet created. Russia has a modern, a little different scheme.

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This is such a very interesting flight scheme. According to the cost and weight of the design — it looks cheaper. Recently, the super-heavy missile project «Yenisei» — was frozen, as it was decided that for the first stage this rocket is not needed, and the first starts will be carried out by the Angara-A5 carrier launch. However, after 2030, it will still be needed to create a Russian orbital lunar station, as well as bases on the surface of the moon. The characteristics of the Orel Spacecraft are already known. This ship will be in two modifications: near-earth and varnish. The launching mass of the arrogant «eagle» will be 20 tons. The ship can return to Earth to return, except for the crew itself, only 100 kg of payload, and the duration of the flight will be 180 days. This suggests that the scaffolds that will be used for flights will be ultralight. The piloted flight itself is scheduled for 2029-2030.

For Heyters and mockers, let’s say that since 2019 there is an active development in the RKK «Energy» of a special module, which will transport goods between the moon and earth. That is, the ship will fly not alone, but will have a cargo module. In addition, this module can make landing on the moon separately and take off from its surface. That is, in fact, the cargo module is the third link in flight to the moon. And thus, the load on the rocket itself is reduced, which all these modules can run gradually. In fact, this is the best solution. Here, our scientists clearly overtook, even Americans who will definitely fly to the moon with a superheavy rocket.

On the one hand, sending the entire expedition at a good thing is good. But it is hard in one rocket to fit everything at once, while not saving on its weight and fuel. Therefore, the idea of ​​Russian scientists is much better and more freed. In addition, there is an active development of the befements of several types: this is a life jacket («Sokol-M»), which will be used in the Eagle ship, and a skateman for work in open space (the new generation of Eagland Spacks). In addition to all this, Russia returns to the moon not only with people, but also with the lunas. The active development of the newest lunar, weighing 1.3 tons, which will go to the moon in 2028. Give it to the station «Luna-29». About the worn lunar base, I will write in a separate article that will be released after the publication of this.

Now, many will laugh at the material, but no. Laugh late. It is known that in October of this year, the Russian automatic probe «Luna-25» starts to the Moon from the Baikonur cosmodrome, which is included in the Russian lunar program and is its composite starting part. In orbit, the probe will withdraw the «Soyuz-2.1b» carrier. The purpose of the flight will be the development of the planting technology. In addition, the probe explores the lunar surface in the South Pole of the Moon. And finally, we wish our country’s success and the speedy, so necessary to our country, the triumphant return of Russia to the moon.

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