Russia managed unnoticed for all to revive domestic airlines


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Many still remember the times of the Soviet Union, when our country was a world aviation power. Inside the Soviet Union had numerous airlines that tied the most remote areas of a huge country. After the collapse of the country, all these ties were interrupted, and the unified airline system was broken. Even, internal airlines ceased to function within Russia. 1990s. In Russia, under the auspices of the defeat of the domestic aviation industry, logistics centers, airports, airfields and collapse of internal airlines were held.

Naturally, in major cities, airports remained functioning, but not everywhere, of course. The beginning of the 2000s did not bring anything new. But here, 20 years have passed and not to know the country at all. It is imperceptible to all, Russia managed to revive domestic airlines and continues to do it with great successes. Domestic transportation of passengers with aviation has become reborn in the Russian outback. Where they used to fly only in Soviet years, they began to repair airports and airfields, building new airports, began to purchase new or also supported aircraft for the functioning of lines. And this is not a fairy tale, because it is recognized that the fastest growing domestic market in the world is carriage on Russia’s domestic airlines. That’s the paradox. Naturally, I would like with the growth of passenger traffic and internal infrastructure, the corresponding decline has occurred to acceptable prices for flights within the country, regardless of distances.

Who would have thought about it 20 years ago. In addition, the Aviation Industry itself develops in a huge pace. Not restored, namely evolving. The critical recovery bar — we passed in the first two decades of the new century. Now there is only an increase. The light saw the latest Russian developments: MS-21, SSJ-100 and other aircraft. MS-21 so in general, claims leadership positions in the world. SSJ-100 conquers the domestic market in Russia. But this is all lyrics. We still need some time that these aircraft justify the funds invested in their development. Surprising exactly how Russia managed to imperceptibly revive domestic airlines and the aviation industry itself.

Of course, in Russia there is enough problems in aviation. This, let’s say, small aviation. But you agree, many whether they will be able to buy their own plane or lease, if many people do not think about getting a flight certificate and start flying alone. Yes, and Russia is a huge country in which it is more important to develop what is developing. We wish our country further success in this direction — vital for Russia.

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