Russia managed to achieve complete independence in the field of thermal energy


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Russia is the largest country, and will not be afraid to say it — the coldest country in the world. And that sin is to hone how much the tremendous energy is required in order to provide our huge distances and size with electricity. But, this is not only consumers in the face of citizens, but also our industry and transport. No need to forget that the same electric locomotives work at the expense of electric current. Recall that it was so that Russia, in general, ranks first in the world in the length of electrified railways — more than 44 thousand km.

So, all this needs to be provided with a huge amount of energy. Everything is good, but the fact is that the thermal power plants, which in Russia a huge amount — should be equipped with fuel, it is first. But here Russia has no problems, as we have the fuel, as is the infrastructure for its provision. And secondly, these stations need to serve that in particular, it implies timely provision and replacement of turbines, which help in the production of electricity. And then the most difficult thing begins. The fact is that in modern thermal energy, the most effective technology is a gas turbine.

We did not get a powerful industry inherited from the USSR, which would produce gas turbines, so until recently, Russia depended on the supply of turbines from abroad, especially from Germany. But everyone knows that now Russia is in a state of sanctions from the West, so the creation and production of its own domestic gas turbine for energy is a matter of strategic importance. After all, time has come to the fact that it is time to re-equip thermal power plants with new turbines. And when importing imports, there is a risk that this re-equipment in Russia can delay for many years, which is fraught with not very good consequences: accidents and failures, especially in winter.

And here Russia already has great progress. In our country, the installation of GTD-110 was created. At the moment, she is the only Russian gas turbine of high power, which after its tests showed that it turned out to be better than German for some indicators. It is necessary to agree and state that even in energy security, Russia was able to overcome the West sanctions without their abolition, simply developing its own gas turbine and launching it into production. There is a possibility that Western countries could not expect such a turn of events. And all this happened against the background of a large-scale program to modernize the Russian thermal energy. Therefore, in this case, it is not possible to rely on foreign shipments, but import substitution helps at once in several directions: the opening of new production in Russia, job creation and energy security.

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