Russia is the world leader of the «peaceful atom»


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Russia is a country that is no longer the one that was 20 years ago. This is a respected state, which abroad has proven itself as persistent and defending its own state interests. In addition, Russia is cooperating with a lot of states in all sorts of projects, including economic. Russia is not from those who violate their obligations and promises, compared with the same France, which refused to transfer the Mistral Russia. Or the same Germany, which is fearing US sanctions — everything can not insist on her that she needs Russian gas.

So, at present, on the construction of nuclear power plants abroad, our country ranks first in the world. Of course, builds not because «tagged» orders, but because applies proven technologies. In this matter of Russia, indeed, there is trust, since the history of a peaceful atom in our country goes to the distant 50s. 20th century. Total today, Russia has overseas orders for the whole 36 power units. The construction of nuclear power plants in Egypt, Iran, Belarus, Turkey, Bangladesh, Hungary is underway. Stations are built, even in the seemingly powerful economically, as India and China. Also, there are orders where the construction of stations will begin in the near future: this is in Finland, Uzbekistan and Nigeria. Russian turbines, generators and reactors themselves — very well proven themselves during decades.

It would seem not especially necessary for a simple alone news. But, in fact, these are the most important indicators that Russia has long been no longer there a third world country there, which some people want to present. It also says that the scientific region of a peaceful atom in Russia itself is not confused, but on the contrary, it is improving, it becomes better. In addition, this suggests that people are secured by work places, they work, receive wages, and can feed their families. What could not be said in the 1990s, when there was stagnation in this industry. Well, in general, the Russian technologies of the «peaceful atom» are undergoing the process of modernization and improvement, therefore, they have high demand in the world.

It is clear that in the near future, none of the countries can «overtake» Russia in this area. In addition, Russia made a completely correct choice towards a peaceful atom. No matter how «the» global warming «theorists, in the world, in fact, the small glacial period begins. And also, atomic energy is much more stable, especially for Russia, which is located in the northern hemisphere, where winter lasts. So, for Russia, the Green Energy does not hurt, but it is not necessary to close classic power plants for this, which are stably allowed electricity. A recent example, the present winter in Europe and in the USA. Here, I think you do not need to explain what I mean.

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