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All Russians know perfectly well and read such sources themselves, where Russia is trying to repay anyone who can and wants. And the funny and annoying thing is that there are people who are happy to listen to the «conversations» of the pro-Western opposition, which watered «hollows» our country and people and promote «they must be released from their own power, that it is time to go to the Western Democracy model.» Others, go crazy from how gorgeous passes in the US inauguration of the president. What for me — what circus. In Russia, it is much cooler and solemn. In the US, it’s like a circus, and even when the anthem of the country sings pop star. Now it would also be at the official, most important event to the anthem. Idiotism, in general. In addition, such a contingent of Russians — can be happy to take news about the sanctions and NATO military exercises at the borders of Russia. In general, you understood. And such words can speak, quite educated people.

In the meantime, the American media and their battlers in Russia are granted and composed about Russia. For example, that in the country roads are not built, schools are not built, not being repaired, the residential foundation dilapidated completely. We are talking about us that we are raw bottom appendages of the West and do not produce anything, and everything is good, exclusively, in the USSR. In general, here you can have such people, just to fill the facts, but they are nevertheless, they will say that everything is bad. Although under one place they will have a completely good car, and not alone, even. There will be a good house, work and vacation abroad. And yes, many people drive abroad. You do not need to listen to all in a row that they say, rehaust the last «soup». Our country, I have not lived for a long time so right that it doesn’t notice it myself, therefore, even comments on this article from «Vytikov» will be ignored, and they will answer adequate people. And yes, believe me, most of these.

Well, I will try to dissuade you in the fact that Russia is backward. Believe me, it is so advanced country, and the people in it live, even better than the EU and in the USA. And it really is. Just listening to adequate arguments, people do not know how. But, you willingly listen to individual stories about the successes of Russian immigrants in the EU or in the United States. Although this is not a trend, but an exception to the rules, and recently, so in general, most of the emigrants are returned to Russia. Yes, yes, it is, you need to study more than, statistics. Dry, what it is. In essence, below, you will learn from what tops Russia comes. Nevertheless, I do not think that this will dissuade people who are not satisfied with everyone, having a lot of money in his pocket. Apparently, they have thinking. Well, God with them, as they say.


Yes Yes. I specifically made it in the beginning to be more interesting. Now, «all-side trafficking» will be covered in all sirens, but it was not here. What country, in your opinion, takes the first place for the common advanced and environmentally friendly transport? «Of course, China or Japan» — they will answer us, gentlemen «All-Runners» and «All Massives». But no, they did not guess. Russia takes this place. These include trolley buses and buses on natural gas. But we will say, only in Moscow and St. Petersburg. And again, make a mistake. This country is being introduced with a huge pace, just need to ride around the country, and not to learn about their country from Western sources or opposition. But you, go to New York and understand what it is about. Well, or, go down to the subway of Paris. That will be a cultural shock for you. Russia, in addition, takes a decent fifth place in the world in the length of the subway lines.


And then, now the brain explosion will happen, especially, among lovers of the Soviet Union. No one is going to subside the role of the USSR. But it is necessary to understand that this is already in the past and you need to move on, and not to live past and say that we are «all lost.» No. We did not even lose, but a lot of what was restored and created from scratch. And the story needs to be honored, take it, take care of monuments and the truth about history. Do not distort it. So, science in Russia is developing such a rapid pace that they do not know people now, just «boil» like a kettle. The fact is that we are trying to hang clichés to Russia, that it is backward, and science does not develop at all. This is not so. In Russia, innovations are being created in the industrial sphere, and this suggests that scientific research and discoveries are coming. Take the same defense sphere, the sphere of space and so on. This, we have in the field of atom, in the field of the creation of alloys and semiconductors. And here I want to say to our: «Enough to praise the mask and NASA for the descent of Marshoda for Mars.» It does not have anyone to Russia, since we have our own space program that goes to the active phase in 2021. Let’s see what happens.

Providing Internet, bond and electricity

In Russia, the cheapest wired and wireless Internet in the world. In the number of Internet users, Russia ranks fifth in the world, and in terms of traffic we occupy the third place in the world. We have the fifth place in the world by the number of devices in the hands: more than 230 million pieces. A mobile communication in our country is one of the highest quality. Come in the US and know the «Zen» of the Internet here and immediately, scrip in Russia. Russia ranks third in the production of electricity. Ahead is only US and China. By the way, do not forget that in the USA, and even more so, in China, the population is more than Russia. This suggests that industry has been developing in Russia, no matter how stupidly sounded, but it is. Well, Russia continues to develop the topic of a peaceful atom, going to the fourth position in terms of the construction of a nuclear power plant. And you need to understand what
The world does not begin with global warming, namely, cooling, therefore the rate of Russia at the NPP is faithful. Also, Russia ranks first in the world in terms of the construction of nuclear power plants abroad. Pained bread work from other states. Like this.


In Russia over the past 5 years, after entering the sanctions of the West, complete reinductitia of the country unfolded. Tens and hundreds of industrial industries and enterprises per year are created. Moreover, Russia has been distinguished by Soviet figures in recent years on industrial production. And some production, in general, did not even exist in the USSR, such as the production of wagons, which were purchased in the GDR. So, Russia came out in the first place in the world, on the production of cars, locomotives and is now building a plant for the production of high-speed trains. Shipbuilding flourishes in Russia. This, even in the USSR there was no. Russia is leading in several directions in non-ferrous metallurgy and ranks fourth steel production. In Russia, the aviation industry was revived. By 2025, Russia will distort the Soviet figures for the production of civilian aircraft, according to the indicators of military aviation — Russia, these indicators have already overtaken.


Here, Russia has become the world’s largest exporter of wheat. Russia has a third harvest in the world. The most interesting thing is that the USSR brought wheat from abroad, since the 1960s to feed the population and cattle. Now Russia and wheat has all its own and livestock growing rapidly, since one in one one opens new dairy and meat farms, especially in the European part of Russia. In Russia, even adjusted rice production. His grown with us. Like this. And calmly it grabs our population. In addition, according to this indicator, we occupy 35th place, which is not bad, for the northern country, where winter lasts for half a year. Russia recreated the seed industry, and in stores we see, 99% of Russian products.

And finally. In Russia, 150,000 books per year are printed. For this indicator, we occupy a fourth place. And about us also say that we are not reading country. You see if they were not read, it means that these books would not buy, and this means that it would be meaningless. And here, the meaning is and people read, so you and the fourth place in the world. And this is with the population of Russia, according to which we occupy the tenth place in the world. Well, the Russian language, you will not believe, ranks fourth in the world of transfers to this language. Well, the Russian language is massively learning abroad. Yes, yes, it is. In addition, the Russian language is one of the official languages ​​of the UN. Well, Russian ranks second in popularity on the Internet immediately after English. And it would seem that his place should occupy China or the Arabic or Languages ​​of India or Spanish. But no, even here we are. Let’s notify that not all of our leading positions are given by me. Try it yourself.

So, our dear. Move from the streams of «dirt» to extract positive news and data. And better, look for information yourself, check any data and so, you will understand that there is not everything in the world as it would seem. And he changed over the past 20 years for Russia for the better and our country, accurately, will become the world leader.

And today everything. Thank you for reading to the end. We are waiting for your reading of our new articles.

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