Russia is developing a ultra-light class missile.


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Russia is the greatest cosmic superpower, it is a priori and any dispute in this line will prove that this is so. Of course, there is a common opinion that Russia loses its leadership positions. Most likely, this is targeted factoting facts. In fact, Russia makes good steps in space. Simply, misunderstanding people, looking at the successes of China and the United States in space — draw conclusions that we are behind them. But still, the latest research and work being done — they tell us that it is necessary to make completely inverse conclusions.

And so, quite recently, it was announced that in Russia the ultralight rocket is being created in full swing. Speaking easier, its creation is such an impressive pace that the first launch is scheduled already in 2024 from the Plesetsk cosmodrome. Why are our conclusions about its forced creation? All because no special information about her before was in principle. And now, its characteristics and tasks are known for which this rocket is created. The carrier-carrier rocket is called «Irkut», the TsNIIMASH JSC is being developed.

In general, Russia does not have its own superlightened carrier missile. Therefore, its creation is simply necessary for Russian cosmonautics. Especially as part of the development of private space. It means that it means that for launching to a low near-earth or geostationary orbit of the same light artificial satellite designed, let’s say, somehow, it will not be necessary to use the middle class missiles, the same «Union» carrier missiles. For example, the same meteorological satellite will be in perspective, cheaper and easier to launch into space on the same «Irkut».

According to the data presented in open sources, the Irkut carrier missile will be made in two versions. It will be both disposable and reusable. If everything is clear in disposable, then there is a multi-sighted thing that explain and add. The fact is that it will have wings, thanks to which it will return to the land in the in-law. That’s the «miracle technicians». And the most interesting thing that we will see it in 2024, but this is if you believe the rocket developers. The fact is that in 2024 both options «Irkuta» will be tested.

The starting mass of «Irkuta» in a one-time version will be 23.6 tons, and in a reusable — 25 tons. Both options will be different as much as they can withdraw the useful cargo on NOO and GSO. One-time will be able to display about 584 kg to a 200 km high, 84 kg at GSO. But already, a reusable version of «Irkuta» — on Noo — 398 kg, and at GSO — 60 kg. The fuel for a rocket will serve a pair of oxygen-methane. The accelerated block will use heptyl with an amyle. It is known that in Roscosmos there is a development of a special mobile space missile complex for the launch of the ultra-light rocket «Irkut».

All, the above words say that this rocket is indeed at the stage of deep development and hidden from the «extra» test eye. Now, it is necessary to simply wish Roskosmos luck. Such news is once again proved by the fact that the astronautics in Russia is alive, and in the walls of numerous Russian reasons, the development and testing of all sorts of machines and other technical means will help to promote Russian astronautics further into the bright future.

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