Russia has never lagged in technological plane from the West countries


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In the world for many years, the topic is emerging that Russia is extremely lagging behind and lag behind in technological plane from the West countries. Under the countries of the West, it was originally understood by the countries of Western Europe: United Kingdom, France, Germany and later, the United States of America. So, the theme of the backwardness of Russia rises in the West since the beginning of the era of the Enlightenment. It is usually said that our country has been lagging behind 100-200 years. But if we look deep into the history, we will see that Russia, in principle, did not lag in the technological plan, and at times it was ahead.

But in fact, it is very funny and cannot be explained, especially since Russia has always come into contact with Western Europe and had continuous diplomatic and trading contacts with it. Even, travelers with the theme of the Mongol-Tatar invasion, do not fit, as the development of our country went, even at the time of dependence on the Golden Horde. In fact, the development of the country has never stopped. All this is absurd.

Take the same firearms and guns. In this case, our country has not lagged behind the West. After all, otherwise Russia would have captured the conquerors from the West long ago if they had a technological advantage. But this did not happen. Largely due to the fact that Russia was militarily in militarily with the countries of the West. Not bad things were affected and with a ship business, especially during Peter the first and after him during the next Russian monarchs.

There are conversations and about the backwardness of Russia in architectural business. This also does not correspond to reality. In Russia, as in the countries of Europe, a stoneware has been developed. If you take the construction of the Kremlin in the time of Ivan III the great Italian architects, that is, a simple explanation. In those days, the Italians built throughout Europe, as they were considered the best. Many masters from all over Europe studied the architectural business in Italy. It was not something galloping, as the Italian architectural school of that time was the most powerful in terms of building red brick structures.

Now we take modernity. When they talk about the backwardness of Russia now, they usually affect the theme that we do not produce mobile phones, televisions and other household appliances, like the same Koreans, Chinese or Germans. But this is not true. Russia produces the whole range of consumer electronics, especially, kitchen. Our country has its brands, but many do not ask the question and are not interested in this information. In addition, there is an opinion that our country does not produce complex microelectronics. This is also not true. It produces, but so far, there is no exactly the line that would be massive. I think you understand what it is about.

Sports the fact that Russia is the leader or divides leadership positions in other not unimportant areas: in creating weapons, nuclear energy, engineering, aircraft, military shipbuilding, as well as in some other areas of mechanical engineering. But that’s not all. We must not forget about the cosmic sphere in which we are leaders. Especially in the delivery of cosmonauts on Noo. American ships from Spacex are not yet counting, as they must prove their effectiveness. And each can operate the project. Think for yourself that it is better to be just a leader in the production of a smartphone, or a more complex technology, which is not everyone knows about and thinking. Here in such unnoticed for us, Russia’s technologies is the leader.

This list can be continued and continued. But does it make sense to persuade those who do not believe in the capabilities of their own country. And the one who wants to know the truth — can safely find everything in the public Internet. So, the thesis on the technological retardation of Russia is a real fake, which spreads in the world not one decade and, not even one century.

And today everything. Thank you for reading to the end. We are waiting for your reading of our new articles.