Russia creates the largest seaport in Europe


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By the way, immediately, at the beginning of the article, I would like to convey the huge «hello» frankly Russophobic to countries such as Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. They say that they have everything in order with the Russian transit of goods through their seaports. A, although no longer. They docouked to the fact that the seaports they have healed the new life — «overseas». Well, okay, not our mind chamber. «Would you like autonomy, unfortunately, self-sufficiency and decoping? Get, lay out.» Now, about good news and a little prehistory of our topic.

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Everyone has long been known and understand that the trade is the most important component of the country’s economy. From time immemorial, trade was carried out and carried out by water: on rivers, seas and oceans. So safer and faster. Since the late 1990s. The Chinese economy is growing rapidly and growing, the turnover of this eastern country is growing with it. Since, in modern times, China is the «workshop of the world», then the overwhelming majority of goods are produced there. This does not mean that other countries do not produce anything, no.

Just consumer goods, and anyone — has a Chinese origin. Or rather, produced by Chinese workers. This does not mean that the Chinese came up with these goods. The thing is what. For example, European or American engineers came up with the goods itself, its structure, principle of operation, and so on, and the production order was given to Chinese plants and factories, that’s all. And these plants are these firms and opened in China, since there is a work cheaper than in the United States and Europe. But so they say economists of the West, whose ideology is dominated there. This does not mean that they are right, but the principle of work is just such.

So here. As a result of this division of labor, the Chinese seaports are leading in the list of the largest marine trading ports. Well, of course, European and several American. But it is not necessary to forget that trade is still in the ground path, as well as through air transport. And as you know, the ports of Russia did not get into the lists of the largest shopping offshore ports. This is a lot of reasons. This does not mean that Russia is a backward country, as they would like to do not know who misunderstanding in it.

And in order to understand this, it is enough to look at the main trading partners of Russia. Such are China and Germany, after the Netherlands, USA and Turkey go. From here, it is easy to conclude that to trade with these countries — maritime transport, in the overwhelming role — no need. Yes, I agree that with the United States or the UK is needed. In addition, at the moment Russia is not the largest transit of goods. But the work in this direction goes. That is, now it is clear why Russia does not have, at the moment the largest marine trading ports.

Now, I will explain why China and the same Europe — there are huge ports, such as, for example, Rotterdam and Shanghai. The fact is that Europe is like one huge organism, the logistics of which is combined. This is not Europe began on the 20th century, when European countries competed with each other. Now, they have everything in common. Therefore, in this region of the world only a few huge ports or better to say, one huge port of Rotterdam. Moreover, this is a huge logistics center. Through which most of the goods enter Europe from America and Asia.

Further, it gets from it to end consumers and recipients in many EU countries. In China, it is clear, there are several such ports. Since the economy of this country is huge, and produced goods must fall into other countries of the world. Hence the huge scale of turnover. I think I explained clearly.

Above, you realized that the majority of goods fall on land and aviation transport. And most hydrocarbons, Russia exports through pipelines. But the global logistic card changes and changes to the best side for Russia. The fact is that in the near future, Russia will be able to become a transit and transport Chinese goods by land, through its railways. The reconstruction of the Trans-Siberian Highway is in full swing. There is a complete replacement of the rolling stock of the railways of Russia, as well as the replacement of cars, which is Russian production.

The final way will be the newest, the sea-meadow sea port under construction on the shore of the Baltic Sea. This is not just a port, but a whole logistics center, one of the largest in all of Europe. Will that Rotterdam give up. The goods will be overlooked to it and go to European Rotterdam. In addition, even if Chinese goods go through Xinjiang and Kazakhstan — the Russian Ust-Luga — it will still be the end item for them. The winning is that the transportation of Chinese goods on the railways of Russia is more faster than a week than the transportation of goods on the sea route from China through Singapore and the Suez Canal. So it goes.

You should not even forget that Russia is not enough to build an icebreaking fleet. It will provide the Russian presence in the Arctic, including in terms of transportation of goods through the northern seaway. By the way, the carriage of goods from Europe to China and Japan through the northern seaway is twice as fast as through the Suez Canal. Here you have a topic for reflection. And yes. forgot. Through Seedworms and the Transsib — much safer. After all, with Somali pirates did not cope.

And this violates the stability and safety of the path through the Suez Canal and the Adenian Strait. Russia needs to continue to promote their interests in this direction and then, Ust-Luga will definitely become one of the world marine trading ports, and hundreds of thousands of Russians will be provided with permanent work, which is important. There is another plan for the construction of an iron high-speed road from Russia to Europe through Belarus. These are positive news, but the topic of a separate article.

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