Russia begins to test aviation electric motor by plane


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Recently, Russia only pleases the world with its success in the field of aircraft. But it sees not many. In the big mass, people seemed to be that in Russia nothing but the galosh is not produced, but what is produced, then foreign, not ours. But this does not correspond to reality, as Russia lives in conditions of sanctions for more than 5 years, and import substitution in industry. Let’s just say that there are already our Russian composite materials for the same newest MS-21, the new aircraft engine, is being modernized by the far-haul IL-96, which will be a competitor to Boeing and Aerbas and so on. But there is now another large project in Russia, which develops with tremendous success, but about which not everyone knows. And who knows or finds out about him, will immediately say that the project is failing and everything in such a spirit. But our task, tell us here and now, briefly, clearly and understandable. Let’s start.

The thing is that the leading aircorder of the world is now working to create an energy efficient aviation engine. It is, so to speak, priority is currently in the development of world aircraft engineering. And that very much pleases that Russia in this list is the first. Yes, this is the case, Russia, the first created the engine with the use of HTSC technology. In addition, Russia is the first country that has successfully conducted the tests of this electric motor. We repeat that this is not just an aircraft engine. This engine, which is created on the basis of high-temperature superconductivity technologies and, powered completely from the battery. It is created for electric aircraft, helicopters and sea ships. So, two samples of electric motors with different power were created for testing: at 50 and 500 kilowatt. For testing of the electric motor, special conditions for the simulation of the takeoff and landing of the aircraft, charge and battery discharge under flight conditions and in emergency modes were created. Power supply during tests was carried out only by a specially developed high-power battery.

And now, the test stage has reached the real flights of the electric motor installed on the aircraft. It became known that in the Siberian Research Institute of Aviation named after S.A. Chaplygin (Sibnya, included in the NIC «Institute named after N.E. Zhukovsky») the Yak-40 aircraft established this Russian electric motor. It is noteworthy that test starts of the engine with an air screw were already performed. That’s it. Nothing as successful, they won’t call it.

The development of this aviation electric motor is engaged in the Central Institute of Aviation Motor Station. Baranova. Recall that this project to create a Russian electric motor is a joint project of the Foundation for promising research and Superox CJSC. The project itself started in December 2016 and for 4 years the project successfully approached his real test, which is a huge leap for Russian aircraft and engine construction. Successful engine test will allow Russia to reduce the mass of aircraft, helicopters and ships with electric motors installed on them, and the presence of such a Russian engine will allow us to reduce the cost of production of technology. Also, the use of the electric motor, in the same aviation, will reduce the noise and reduce the consumption of aviation fuel.

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