Russia approached the final stage of creating its own wide-body aircraft


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On the Internet, from time to time, information about the newest Russian wide-body aircraft Il-96-400m appears. Naturally, knowledgeable people will say that this is an upgraded version of another Soviet four-link wide-body IL-96 aircraft. However, this does not cancel the fact that the concept of this aircraft based on the already existing machine — reduces the flight characteristics of the upgraded version of this aircraft. After all, what to hide, so it is clear that the upgraded version of the aircraft will receive avionics, electronic stuffing and other onboard systems of the new sample.

Naturally, it will be Russian equipment. Let’s say that in our new passenger aircraft MS-21 So, trying and very successfully, to introduce completely Russian on-board systems. It should be understood that the Russian does not mean bad. Russian technologies also develop and do not stand still. The only minus is that they do not have a wide market abroad due to the deterrent policy of Western countries regarding our country, including in the field of aircraft.

And now, I will say about our wide-body aircraft IL-96-400M. The plane is promising and in its class — it is very much needed by Russia both in domestic transportation in the country and on international lines. So that they did not speak about him and whatever the cons voiced, it is clear that the plane is entitled to life, because in this segment of civil aviation — the domination of airbases and the Boeing, but nevertheless, no one forbade us and has no right to prohibit His aircraft and go to international markets.

It is already known that the plane will be produced in three different layout options. There will be an option with one class on 402 seats. Then, a variant with two classes on 350 seats, as well as an option with three classes at 305 seats. At this stage, the next 10 years — IL-96 M will be equipped with four Russian PS-90A1 engines. You should not worry, because this engine is just a modification of the Russian PS-90A engine, which is used on the IL-96-400 aircraft and on the load version of the IL-90-400T. The PS-90A engine is operated since 2007 and from the same year the engine — has international certification, so there are no problems for entering the international market in PS-90A1 — no, since both engine variants are unified by 98%. And yes, in the cockpit of pilots — there will be only two crew members, and not three, as in previous versions of the aircraft.

In addition, there is information that the development of a Russian prospective motor PD-35 is underway, which will be a two-circuit-circuit traction turbofan engine. This will allow only two PD-35 engines on the IL-96-400m, which will increase the cost-effectiveness and range of the machine. These are very encouraging news, since in a few years the first samples of the blades for this engine will be obtained.

Already this year, the gas generator and other parts of the engine PD-35 will be carried out. In addition, it is known that the first flight of IL-96-400M is scheduled for 2021, which we look forward to and wish you a good flight. All these news suggest that Russia approached the final stage of creating its own wide-body aircraft, even if four engines, the main thing is not to turn the project, but to develop it hard. The plane is produced in Voronezh.

Let me remind you and repeat that any statements and allegations that our IL-96 M is unpromising and not needed — does not have grounds and is a fiction. The plane is needed and must be built. The state supports and should continue to maintain the IL-96 M project and fully invest in it, even if our taxpayers. After all, if we continue to revive and develop our aircraft, we will give impetus to the development of many podor points for the development of Russia. These are transport, and industry and international status and prestige of the state and the most important thing — jobs.

Judge, because China does not bend the development of the CR929 wide-body co-existence with Russia, from which, in essence, Russia will not receive anything, but only give China the production of composite materials from which the aircraft wing is made. Note, the Chinese authorities invest consuming. So we — should not worry about investing in those areas that are actually given Russia far-reaching positive results. So, the attachment in IL-96 M is justified by time and it is very good that the state understands and fully helps the development of this project.

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