Russia announced serial production of combat robots.


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All in our childhood watched fantastic feature films in which there are robots. Some of them are carrying out an economic role in the house. Some in industry manufacturing. But there is both a class of robots like combat robots that use for military purposes. Everything would be nothing, fiction. We cannot think about what is possible in real life. But progress does not stand still, it came to the time that the combat robots become reality.

More recently, Russia announced the mass production of combat robots, which can independently carry the service in real combat conditions on the battlefield. But what can these robots represent? Are these androids, similar to people like movies? Unlikely. So advanced robots are most likely to be unrealistic. Most likely, these are robots that will be controlled by the operator at a distance. This, in any case, is better than if on the battlefield there were soldiers who would put themselves in the risk. But this is just my author’s estimated judgment. In fact, even the tactical and technical characteristics of these combat vehicles are unknown.

No, of course, there is information in open sources that these combat robots have an artificial intelligence that will allow robots to independently assess the position around and make certain solutions. But nevertheless, you need to understand that it will be drones and androids that will be programmed under certain tasks and will not be able to solve such tasks that have not entered their program code. But it is again, the author’s judgment and in fact, everything can differ dramatically.

Of course, on the combat service in the Russian troops there are already a combat robot, which performs the functions of intelligence, the destruction of armored vehicles and fire support for troops. The battle platform «Uran-9» is a massive machine that weighs 12 tons. It has anti-tank missiles, reactive flamets, an automatic gun and a machine gun.

So, we conclude that combat robots and drones are not so fantastic, and our tomorrow’s present. The technological structure is changing, which will definitely affect the military sphere directly.

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