Russia ahead of the planet for the development of the Arctic, even in space


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The last 30 years in our society, and abroad, it became observed that Russia has no scientific achievements and discoveries in the development of space. What Russia has long lost its cosmonautics, and ahead of the latle of the United States and China. This can be shifted, even the UAE and Australia. But let’s, we will be honest and explain to people of everything as it is, and not the way they are accustomed to hearing from the media that works, obviously against Russia and its image in the world.

In any case, a person who is interested in the topic of science, space and partially, history may be calmly refuted. Yes, indeed, after the collapse of the USSR, a crisis happened in our cosmonautics. But he was not systemic, but rather financially. The fact is that funding was significantly reduced. This all made it difficult to work as the space industry of Russia, but it has been preserved, like many of its industries. The explicit loss of that time was the closure of the Energy-Buran program.

The rest of the projects received Malomal funding, and the new developments themselves continued, but with a big lag in terms. Much that, was not implemented and still because of the lack of proper financing. But in the early 2000s. Russian cosmonautics healed a new life. Now, this sector receives huge funding, which is unknown to the general public, which is completely true, since most projects have their own level of secrecy. We can not advertise everything and the same China.

People, may argue in the comments in such a kind of like: «Like, all this is nonsense, our cosmos has long been reversed and no prospects. But, look at the same US and China develop their cosmonautics. They have hundreds of satellites in orbit and devices outside Earth orbits. So they move the science forward, and we are and all. » They can argue. Since they do not have evidence that space is stolen. On the contrary, work boils and this can be traced in indirect reasons. All this can be seen on the launch of new space missiles, satellites, assembling the modules of the new Russian orbital station, creating the Eagle spacecraft and a reusable spacecraft, which was stated several months ago.

Today, I just would like to bring such an example. It is known that in the near future, the struggle for the development of the Arctic will be key. The reason for this is the presence of huge deposits of minerals in this region of our planet. It is clear that Russia has huge possessions in the Arctic, therefore, it dominates and not one country in the world will not be able to compete with it, in the coming decades. In this Russia, its icebreaking fleet helps, which is the largest in the world. In addition, at present, in full swing, there is an increase in the Russian icebreaking fleet. Two new classes of icebreakers are built at once, as well as the new Arctic Platform «North Pole».

Moreover, all this is built in Russia and according to our developments, since the rest of the countries — they simply do not know how to do this. Well, now, about the main thing. The fact is that the leadership of Russia did not be limited only to the construction of an icebreaking fleet. It came to the highest, to space. And it is right. The event, which I will tell now, or remains unnoticed, or, they will say that all this is Brechny and is proud of nothing. Let me remind you on February 28 from the Baikonur cosmodrome, the Russian Soyuz-2.1B carrier launch was launched. Then, after separating the steps, the Russian overclocking unit «Frigate» brought into orbit the first, from the whole series, the Hydrometeorological satellite «Arctic-M».

It seems that the event is not a sign. But no. Just like, a very iconic event. You can find the opinion that our country does not conduct any research on the study not that the cosmic bodies of the far space, but their native planet Earth. This is not true. Russia is studying and still as. Simply, our for incomprehensible reasons do not advertise. Americans, many funds invest in propaganda and PR of their achievements. Only for this reason, they are always on hearing. In view of this, they know even the younger generation, which is interested in those sciences associated with space.

A series of devices «Arctic-M» for Russia and the whole world — has the most key importance. After all, these are meteorological satellites. They will conduct continuous monitoring of climate and the environment in the entire Arctic region. Moreover, they will receive the most prompt information. These satellites will solve problems in areas of operational meteorology and other sciences. The devices will be able to monitor the environmental situation in the Arctic, monitor climate change and even provide permanent reliable communication and telecommunications services in this, hard-to-reach region of the world.

All devices «Arctic-M» will be located on a high-elliptical orbit. The parameters of the first in the satellite series: the height of the apogee is about 39,800 km, and the perigee is from 600 to 3000 km, respectively. Total devices will be 5 pieces. Such orbit will allow the devices to remove from the ground to a huge distance and take photographing our planet. In addition, they will have multiple scanning devices on board. Since these satellites can monitor the entire surface of the planet, this will improve navigation in all kinds of regions of the world. Another task will be monitored solar radiation, solar wind and their influence on the magnetosphere and the Earth Ionosphere.

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