Recent events, suggest that Sakhalin will definitely connect with the mainland railway


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Transport and transport communications are the most important, if not the most key component of the modern life of people. Without transport and logistics itself, do not submit our lives in principle. We are accustomed to, which is easy, within a few hours, you can get their one part of the world to another, simply by the plane. Or, sowing at a high-speed train, get from one part of the country to another. The world has become more mobile, loads and people move from one part to another and requires us to increase the existing transport infrastructure.

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And the transport infrastructure includes roads, bridges and tunnels. On the last two I would like to stop more in more detail. In general, let’s say the same tunnels — facilities useful and indispensable. They allow you to spend iron or car roads, in those places where it is problematic or impossible to do this. Take the same Japanese Island Hokkaido, he is just soaked by railway tunnels, because it is very difficult to hold railways, due to the mountain relief.

We are now interested in Russia. In Russia, many modern tunnels, especially in mountainous terrain and in major cities. But, there are a region in Russia, which has already for almost 80 years old, they want to hold a tunnel. You most likely guessed. This is the island of Sakhalin. And I would like to say that all the reasons appeared to believe that the state decided to combine Sakhalin with a big land.

The key to understanding came in view of the fact that in 2017 there was an expert group between Russia and Japan, which began to study the project for the construction of a road-rail tunnel under the seabed. According to the plan, the tunnel must go under the bottom of the Laperuz Strait, which separates Japanese Hokkaido from Russian Sakhalin. And the fact that the complete study of this project is coming, suggests that the state is fully configured to finally connect Sakhalin with the mainland of Russia in the near future.

In essence, the project of the tunnel under the seabed is not something supernatural. In the world there are tunnels and greater length and deeper location under the seabed. Everything rests on money. Of course, I will not tell today about the technical features of the tunnel itself, because it is only a project. I will not talk about the geological component of the Tatar Strait, which lies between the island of Sakhalin and the mainland.

The most important thing is that if you build it in the narrowest part of the Tatar Strait, in the so-called Nevelsky Strait, it will be the most correct decision. In principle, designers suggest, as they offered this way and during Stalin. In this place, Sakhalin separates only about 9 km from the mainland. It is a bit on the scale of the sea.

Of course, at the moment, the tunnel between the Sakhalin and the mainland of Russia becomes even more relevant, as Russia fully built a railway on the Sakhalin from Russian kole. Note that in the past, after Russia’s defeat in the Russian-Japanese war in the early 20th century — half of the Sakhalin Island switched to Japan and they built a railway there with their narrow kisa. Moreover, the ferry crossing Sakhalin is no longer coped with its tasks, and in winter, the strait, and at all, freezes, which makes it difficult for the work of the ferry.

Perhaps you can build a bridge, but still, let’s be realistic. I will explain why. Russia has proven that it builds bridges no worse than the Americans and the same Japanese with the Chinese. The Crimean Bridge — became the top of Russian bridge buildings and now, Russia has more experience. This means that it will be able to take orders both within Russia and abroad. This will add us prestige and money in the pocket of state business and private Russian business.

So, the Crimean Bridge is built there, where there is a mild winter, but still, there is ice-growing in the Azov Sea. And the bridge is built so as to withstand such seasonal whims of nature. And here, we return to Sakhalin and understand that in the Far East — the winter is severe, the ice cover is thicker. This means that the supports of the proposed bridge between the Sakhalin and the mainland (Khabarovsk Territory) will be quite «disadvantaged» every year from the ice drift.

Now, we understand that Russia is much more profitable and safer to build a tunnel under the seabed. It can only be built on your own, or, to attract the same Japanese engineers to the construction, who are simply a tremendous experience in the design and construction of marine tunnels. Moreover, we are so worrying with them the project of the sea tunnel between Hokkaido and Sakhalin.

By the way, the creation of both the tunnel from the mainland on Sakhalin and the international tunnel with Sakhalin on Hokkaido — would allow Japan to transport their goods to Russia, Europe and China directly by rail, bypassing the sea routes. And Russia would give additional incentives for the complete reconstruction of the Trans-Siberian highway and the construction of additional branches from the Western and Eastern part of Siberia to unload the main railway.

Similar words, Japan would have become a continental country, and Russia would remove the colossal dividends from this. And Sakhalin would firmly tied with Russia and, the levers of influence on Japan would be borrowed.

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