Recall that Russia is at a turning point of its history


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Over the past 20 years, Russian society has changed to such an extent that the memories of the «Saints 90s» began to dull. In addition, a new generation has grown, which did not live in late USSR, nor during the presidency of Yeltsin. Therefore, there are such categories of people who scold modern Russia in our society, and there are those who praise. Of course, there are also disadvantages and pros. But pluses more many times. The main thing is to understand this, remembering «as it was» and «as it became.» Someone will say, it could be better, but they will answer for sure: «There would be no better,» would not have enough political will from the elite, which was in the 1990s and wanted to resist Olympus in the first half of the 2000s.

Thanks to the new, who came after the care of B. Yeltsin elite — Russia has changed beyond recognition. Of course, you do not need to measure the size of the GDP, as the anti-Russian generating opposition is like to do. Case in the qualitative change of Russia. For the first time in many years — Russia puts funds in the development of its own territories, and not the outskirts, as it was in the times of the Russian Empire and the Soviet Union. The high-quality standard of living of the average Russian. Naturally, there are problems, but their smaller, if the elite of the 90s would remain in Russian power.

And now let’s talk about the topic stated in the title. Indeed, if you think about the cold head, now the world and herself Russia is in a turning point. There is no countries in the world who were able to recover as fast under total dictatorship, control and superiority of the West. West in the 1990s. After the political and economic defeat of our country, he tasted the «victory» and took up total robbery of Russia and its people. But Russia would not be Russia if she could not throw off the dictate and power of the West. But it would be impossible without a real leader, which appeared in the most responsible and ruble moment for Russia.

We are talking about Russian President Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, who managed to build such a vertical authority, which allowed our country to send her potential for liberation, and then on the development that we notice today. Russia is indeed developing and not to notice this can not be from the word. That is why, the West and his «Moski» in the person of the extra system opposition all over the past 20 years scold modern Russia and his leader, all this is aimed at reformatting our young generation. That is why, now, all sorts of laws are adopted, which are directed, as if, on the defense of Russia and its people.

In addition, under the turning point, we mean that Russia will no longer be the one that she was in the «Saints 90s». But the West so want to repeat it, but it is already impossible. And Russia is so oppressing his line, which eventually trembled the West in the country of the United States, whose elite «rotted» and does not see anything on his nose. It came to the point that after 7 years of sanctions against Russia after the events in Ukraine — Russia, on the contrary, gained strength, reformatted its economy and now we dictate our West conditions. The West fell specifically. Here and the meeting of Putin and Bayden in Geneva, which will take place, literally, the other day. It is clear that we will dictate the conditions to dictate.

There is a chance that Russia in exchange for loyalty to the West — will be offered concessions in the Ukrainian direction. But why Russia is these conditions, if Russian President Vladimir Putin himself — the other day noting that Ukraine’s accession to NATO is the same red feature that he spoke several months ago, when he noted that Russia herself would determine these red lines. In addition, there is information that Russia will never allow Ukraine to enter NATO, and Belarus has become a victim of capturing her West. That is, in essence, Russia itself can solve the Ukrainian question independently, without concessions and servants from the West. All guys: a turning point for Russia has come. It is worth wishing the leader of Russia to Vladimir Putin forces and the cold calculation during a meeting with the US president. The West, practically, always deceived Russia, tried to circle her around the finger and destroy.

The situation was glowed to such an extent that anti-Russians in the face of Ukraine — became so dangerous for us for us that this would not allow Russia and her people would develop without looking around her frontiers. Protecting the frontiers of it so the priority task for any country, but when you have a restless neighbor, who can put the rockets and the army of your potential opponent — then it gives you the right to actions. The West of himself, without understanding, launched the process of the reunification of the Triune People: Russians, Ukrainians and Belarusians.

And today everything. Thank you for reading to the end. We are waiting for your reading of our new articles.