Perhaps revealed the real process of water appearance on Earth


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Did you ever ask yourself the question: «Why on earth such a huge amount of water»? Surely yes. But even scientists can not give a definite answer. Of course, it can be assumed that water in such quantities could appear from precipitation. But it is not. Since it is necessary to understand where the clouds of which fall out of precipitation appear. Therefore, the cycle of water in nature provides a small share in education, or rather, in the reproduction of water. In general, in general, on Earth, 71% of the surface is covered with water. The average depth of the World Ocean ranges from 4 to 7 km.

The hypotheses on the appearance of such a huge amount of water on our planet scientists were expressed, several. In general, if you take the initial stage of the formation of the Earth and its development, then there was no so much water on the planet. Presumably because the composition of the atmosphere, density and depth was distinguished. All this led to the fact that hydrogen molecules needed to form water was carried out into space or under the influence of ultraviolet radiation, hydrogen molecules evaporated. Accordingly, the huge amount of water to the Earth could be brought from the outside the celestial bodies: asteroids and comets. Quite, the real version.

And here are two options. The first thing was one single collision with a huge cosmic body. There are legends and all sorts of theories of scientists that in deep antiquity at the dawn of the formation of our planet — she faced a huge planet Taye, which flew to the limits of the solar system from the depths of the cosmos. The second, over the long million years, the surface of the Earth was subjected to a permanent bombing of celestial bodies, comets and asteroids, which were listed on the planet and, accordingly, life.

But there is one more, sensational assumption that water, in fact, is formed here on Earth. The cause of water formation is the reaction between hydrogen and oxygen. This process takes place in the depths of the earthly lithosphere, where they seek to top. After all, really, imagine yourself. It is a very working version, the most truthful. After all, when drilling the same artesian water, they can find at depths from 40 to 500 m. It is noteworthy that the sources of these waters are for many kilometers. It has been proven that underground there are whole underground seas in which millions of tons of water.

Now imagine at the time, maybe these huge water reserves will be addicted only from the water cycle in the nature of evaporation and water dropping. Definitely no. Yes, and the hundreds of millions brought, or even a few billion years ago, water — could not be saved for such a long time on the planet only due to the notorious cycle. So, the process of constant self-education of water in the depths of the lithosphere is the most believable hypothesis of the appearance of water on our unique and unique planet.

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