Our «shark» is no longer the greatest submarine in the world.


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Under the conditions of modern war of any scale — the size of the combat unit has lost its former meaning. In fact, the most important thing is his mobility and affecting the ability. The era of a huge military weapon took place in the 20th century. Of course, this does not mean that there are no big size weapons and no need. For example, in the underwater fleet there are such combat units, the dimensions of which are not even amenable to explain.

We all know that our large submarine in the world was considered our project 941 «Shark». Its sizes are impressive: the length was 173 meters, the width is 23 meters, and the height is 25 meters. Everyone who met this boat in swimming was stunned by its sizes. But time does not stand still. The times of the atotode «Shark» passed after the collapse of the Soviet Union took place. And then, in general, three of the six submarines of this type were disposed of with the help of American financial assistance.

Of course, it was all justified by the need to comply with the contracts with the Americans and the lack of financing of the 1990s. Well, also, refusal to use the class of rockets that were used on the «shark». Interestingly, in returning to our «Aclaus» — the Americans were disposed of. After all, the contract must be observed.

All that would be nothing, but in China, on April 1, the largest submarine in the world in the world was launched, called Type-100 Sun Zi. Apparently, in honor of the Chinese commander, who lived in the VI century BC. NS. This very person who wrote a famous treatise «Art of War». It turns out that our unspecified «shark» lost its title, so unlucky and humiliating, simply by hitting the rank of unnecessary combat units. But the Chinese, as we see, such submarines just by the way. Moreover, this boat is very superior to the «shark» for a number of indicators. The length of this monster is 210 meters, width of 30 meters. In general, the project is classified and data itself is not really.

It is also known that on his board «Sun Zi» can carry up to 48 ballistic missiles. This is a lot, because our «shark» carried only 20 rockets, and the American giant «Ohio» — 24 units. Not thick, if compared with the Chinese submarine. The Chinese, besides, also invented an innovation. On its platform, if it can be called it, deck — this boat will be able to carry a submarine smaller, which will be able to help his «senior» fellow in the performance of combat missions.

Of course, this does not mean that Russia has no answer to this Chinese challenge. Our «Borey» is no worse, but expediency in the construction of such giant boats — no. Of course, there are some doubts, but in the context of modern war, you need to look at the truth — such boats, simply, are not needed. Moreover, the fate of «sharks» proved and no one guarantees that tomorrow China simply does not need such boats and the end of financing — will put the point in the fate of these submarines. It is impossible to think that the Chinese economy is a bottomless barrel, which can support all projects in a row: both space program, military, and civil, and still feed the half-and-half-millionth population. You need to be realistic.

But, the fact that this newest Chinese submarine can swim, and if we speak simple words, carry combat duty in the Arctic zone — should alert us, because the Arctic is first of all, the sphere of interests of Russia, and the direct competition of China in this region — throws Challenge, including us. You never need to forget about it, no matter how we were friends today. Russia should always be on striking and ready in terms of protecting national interests, even in the Arctic. After all, this is a rich resource region of the planet, from the filing of which no one will refuse.

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