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After successful launches of the Falcon-9 rocket, Ilona Mask with its returned first step, real injury began on the Russian space sector, both inside the country among non-systemic oppositionists and on the part of foreign media, especially «our partners» from Europe and because of the ocean. In Russian space, they simply put a cross. And the most interesting, whatever space project has been announced in Russia or has not been conducted for several years — it was mercilessly watered by mud, prematurely calling the failure, «long-term» and other all sorts of bad characteristics. But is everything really bad? Is it really possible to characterize the Russian space sphere in this way?

Let’s try to clarify everything today. The most important thing is that it is surprising and anger of ordinary Russians and opposition is that Ilona Mask with his Spacex and «returnable» missiles are not particularly afraid in Roscosmos. Ask why? And everything is simple. Russia is now at different stages of developing and refining three breakthrough projects.

The fact is that this Russian project of the winged rocket, named «Baikal» began to be developed back in 2000, and in 2001 in Le Bourget his layout was shown. Then, the project went to the background, his fate hung in the air. But, after a successful testing and operation of operation, Spacex Rocket Falcon-9 in Russia stated that such developments are conducted and from us. But the project, in fact, may turn out much better than the American. I will explain why.

The fact is that the Americans are used to return the first stage the vertical scheme, which carries certain risks. Further, such a step consumes at least some, but a certain amount of fuel. This means that the first stage has a certain amount of fuel, which must be used for maneuvering during the vertical descent of the stage, and also need to be braked, and it is necessary to slow down significantly, even very much, because when falling back to the surface of the earth, the stage begins to accelerate, although it Speed ​​and quenching special titanium guide stabilizers. It is clear that all this is subjected to friction and influence of air. Which in turn increases service after the return of the first stage. Even if this is not well said, but it is understandable and so.

In general, today we have not gathered here to discuss the Falcon-9 missile from an economic point of view of its profitability and possible voraciousness. You will agree, in reports for the press, Spacex can publish one thing, but in fact everything may differ. Although, even Russian people with foam at the mouth (not speaking about opposition media) can protect the American Corporation, say that in the USA is a real SEOC of democracy and there is never a mass media, nor business, but about everything in Russia They need to understand that the truth is always hidden behind the seven seals and seven castles. And outdoor beauty — to be hidden under the wrapper.

And now, the most interesting. The Russian project is likely to be more successful than the American, if our authorities click and bring the project to a logical end and take it for its use, it is serial, precisely specifically. The fact is that Russian developers began to build the first step conceptually according to another principle. This is the principle of planning and air landing using the aircraft engine. This is a real breakthrough. «Why» you ask. The answer is below.

Of course, the weight of the first stage will be big, as the aviation engine will also, also need fuel. So what in this sense from our project is the first stage of the Falcon-9 missile, which, in general, have to slow down to extinguish the speed when the vertical landing on the site. Our fuel is needed for maneuvering, and when you need to go to the landing. Remember, the ship «Buran», that way, in general, planned as an airplane and fuels practically did not use. By the way, our first step will fall in automatic mode, just as handsome «Buran».

Naturally, from appropriate considerations, specific numbers are not called, but only approximate. But there are sketches. And the fact that the variant really developed may differ from the sketch. And this is true, safety is above all. But the dimensions are declared different, then 6 meters long, then 13. In addition, the engine is being developed for it, which can get the name «whirl». But it is clear from the sketches that the first step will be applied to the rocket version when the second stage will be attached directly to the first. Perhaps also two first steps will be attached to the easy version of the Angara rocket. But here there is no accurate information, since in this way it was planned to fix the first steps «Baikal». It means that two steps will be applied as overclocking blocks and are fixed on the sides of the second stage. Both are very practical solutions and faithful at the same moment. Below are the sketches of this project.

Another argument, why the project is such a rocket, and rather its first stage — more profitable in economic terms — because such a project has not yet been developed and has not been applied. It is very difficult to judge financial benefits, but indirectly, you can judge that it is beneficial, looking at the aviation industry. Analogies with shuttle «Buran» or «Space Shuttle» — are not appropriate, as it is completely different systems and they carried another function and task, although they also returned to land on the principle of planning in the planet’s atmosphere.

Believe immediately and criticize this project — meaningless, since «the dog is barking, and the caravan goes.» We are all accustomed that our country is watered with tons of dirt, declaring what are we bad, saying that we are a country of gas station that we do not produce anything and produce or think about, in principle we cannot. Praise without end west. And it is even in the environment of ordinary inhabitants within Russia. But it is necessary to understand that the final pressure of the West on Russia began and is in full swing. And at this point, we must support our country, our state, at least a good word. Many do not understand that Russia has prepared for the technological jump in all areas, ranging from industry and ending with other sphere of society. Under the enormous pressure of the media, as inside the country, so because of its limits — people cannot understand where the truth, and where is a lie. And the truth is alone — it is that with the full and correct analysis of all that happens in Russia over the past 20 years — it becomes clear that our country is on the right path of its development. But this is the topic of a separate article. In general, wait and see.

And today everything. Thank you for reading to the end. We are waiting for your reading of our new articles.

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