On the issue of Land Lisa for the USSR it’s time to put a point


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In recent years, you can see how pressure goes to our country on all fronts. Including in the information field. For example, actively rewrite the history of the Second World War, in the countries of Eastern Europe destroy monuments to the Soviet soldiers-Krasnoarmeys, who freed these peoples from the Nazi occupation. Special attention, I would like to pay attention to today — on evaluations in Western literature, feature films and public opinion on the role of Land Lisa in the victory of the Soviet Union.

Of course, you can now bring many different numbers and all similar. But still, you need to understand such a fact that how such a huge country can the Soviet Union defeat almost all of Europe in the land and air war, which was war to destruction? Perhaps people who do not understand will say that «indeed, Land-Liza USA played a decisive role.» But no, I would like in this case, argue with such people. They can lead how many numbers and so on. But let’s remember that I. Stalin said 10 years before the war:

Now about Land Liza. We want to prove that Land Liz helped us and even played a decisive role. But still, I want to say purely my opinion, could anyone provide the Allies to ensure the RKKU with everything necessary? Could not. Therefore, we received aircraft, tanks and other materials, but in no such quantity so that they can help break the situation, which means that our economy, it is the work and courage of our people who created that very victory over the enemy. And our Western partners just want to take our victory from us, assign it. However, we should not be understood by the help of our allies. They helped us, but do not need to think that we won thanks to them.

Put the point. The volume of weapons delivered by allies of course, helped us in victory. Note that we got not enough weapons, especially, we obtained a lot of modes of transport, such as steam locomotives and trucks, and also, various raw materials for production, like aluminum.

I think the message is understandable. It is not necessary to diminish the importance of our industry in front of the industry allies and their lend-lisa, because we will be understood by the role of our valiant Red Army in the defeat of the enemy and liberation of Europe.

And today everything. Thank you for reading to the end.

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