On the eagle spacecraft, the parachute system begins


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About Russian Space, as well as about Russia itself, love to speak with irony and are very much detrimental. Inside the Russian itself, ill-wishers are clearly underestimated by the leadership of Russia. And above the leadership of Roscosmos — in general, we laugh. But remember that 10 years ago in Russia laughed at Serdyukov’s defense minister, calling it with a stool. But then, everything in Russia and abroad — very much surprised that in Russia, while Tableskin was at the head of the Ministry of Defense — the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation were completely transformed. The total modernization of all components of the army began. All the beauty and modernization of the Russian army, people saw after the state coup in Ukraine and brilliant special operation with «green polite people» in the Crimea during the «Crimean Spring». At that moment, even the «brave» Yankees wondered how so. So here. So far, as it seemed, an incompetent person leads Roskosmos — in fact, Russia breaks into space in qualitative terms. And here all moves in favor of Russia. Remember the words of the President of Russia V.V. Putin, because he spoke, it is advised that we will win for a long time. And, in general, as the German Chancellor said Otto von Bismarck: «Russians are harvested for a long time, but they quickly go.»

While the whole world is rejoiced by the «victories» of Ilona Mask, landing Nasa Rover on Mars and «brilliant» flights of Chinese devices to the moon and Mars, in the dungeons of Russian enterprises and research institutes — there is a qualitative change in the development of outer space. Of course, sending devices to the moon and Mars is now very important for scientific research. On this all benefits ends, in principle. Much more important, mastering the moon. Disagree here is difficult. The moon can also become a starting point in the development of the solar system and the same Mars, first of all. Therefore, it is more important to develop this direction in the first place. The fact is that most people cannot understand that Mars for modern species of rocket engines — inseparable and flight to Mars is one-way flight. In addition, a person may simply go there, in principle, due to the length of the flight. And yet, it is necessary to understand that Mask will not fly to Mars on this rocket, since it will be finalized while it becomes obsolete in principle, since it becomes obsolete the type of engine on the rocket and the STARSHIP ship. In this direction, it is Russia, who is working out the engine operating on other principles. But I will tell about it next time.

Since to fly to Mars — you need to master the moon so. To specifically strengthen it. Why, yes, because there are several gravity there. And it will be easier to send expeditions to Mars, in advance, running ships in parts, by modules. In this regard, Russia goes ahead, without spraying at Mars. But scientific expeditions to Mars and Venus will be in the near future.

And now about the moon. Russia is tight towards the completion of the creation of the Eagle ship, designed to deliver goods to the moon. Also, it can be used for orbital stations. Someone will say that the ship is underway for a long time. Yes, may be. But «Orion» — was created more than one year and was still not tested, although the space was already flying in automatic mode. With the «eagle» in Russia all seriously. The developments go on a rabid pace, as in a few years, its tests on the near-earth orbit, both in automatic and manned modes, should begin. In addition, the flight «Eagle» of the moon is scheduled in automatic regime with return to the ground. I am sure that everything will be held in normal mode and on the last time. Laugh over the rocket «hangar», and when she flew, they became so, in general, to scold power and Roscosmos. But, and what to say, Western grants need to be worked out, and in the essence of the space sphere of Russia — they do not want to deepen and can not, because they will see not pleasant for the details that break their picture of the world.

Well, now, really not pleasant news for unfriendliers and those who do not want to delve into the entire essence of what is happening in Roscosmos, well, for those who are simply with «foam at the mouth» are ready to defend NASA and Spacex. Most recently, it became known that this year the BASE OF ENERGY «the unique parachute system of the Eagle ship and its landing systems will be carried out on the Base. Dump the mockups of the ship will be from the Mi-26 helicopter. The device itself will be equipped with a multi-polar parachute system, which in its composition will have as many as three main parachute. Moreover, the area of ​​each of them will be 1.2 thousand square meters. The system will be safe, since if one parachute refuses, the rest will help with a soft fit. Who is not aware, the Eagle ship is equipped with a reactive landing system, which is necessary, since, the leading in Russia for the spacecraft, in fact, is unlikely. Well, lastly, it is already known that the first copy of the ship is already assembled and static testing of systems and the ship itself, in general.

Well, in the last, I would like to say that how much countries can be rejected for the victory of countries, it’s time for our country to be proud of, especially when there is for what. And the abroad is far, and not needed, we are in principle. Is it worth relaxing in cultural purposes, and then there are many places in Russia, where it is better than in the «abroad» on Bali or Antalya.

And today everything. Thank you for reading to the end. We are waiting for your reading of our new articles.

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