«Nuclear» Ukraine: worse and could not


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After the collapse of the Soviet Union, the overall defense perimeter for Russia was liquidated. After Putin arrival, this perimeter had to build anew. It is clear that during the presidency of Boris Yeltsin, the Armed Forces of Russia had not the best times. Nevertheless, Yeltsin did not do not enough for our country. Recall at least the fact that the Russian leadership managed to save from the complete destruction of the Tu-160 strategic missile mines, which remained in Ukraine after the section of the Soviet Army. But most of all, the gratitude of Yeltsin can be said that the leadership of Russia managed to ensure that the Soviet republics refused to have nuclear weapons.

The defense potential of any country should always be at the proper level. Moreover, Russia is the largest country. All this territory must be protected. Naturally, the main defense arms of Russia is nuclear weapons. This is according to our military doctrine. This weapon can also be used in preventive measures. But Russia is not the country that «just so» inflicts a nuclear strike. Here you need to remember the United States, which the only in the world used nuclear weapons for military purposes against the non-nuclear country during the war.

Well, okay, it’s not even about that. The fact is that after the collapse of the USSR, the armed forces that were the second size and power in the world — turned out to be separated between the former republics. Most of course remained in Russia, but not a small part went to Ukraine. If we talk about simply weapons, Ukraine received a lot of weapons: thousands of tanks, a thousand with excess combat aircraft, there were even strategic bombers Tu-160. Most of them are sold or cut, including Tu-160. Only some of them, as mentioned above, Russia managed to save.

But the worst thing is not that. The fact is that immediately after the collapse of the USSR it became clear that new nuclear powers may appear in the world. The United States did not want this clearly. Therefore, in early 1992, the Lisbon Protocol was signed between Russia, the United States, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Belarus, in which the former republics refuse nuclear weapons and destroy it for several years. Until the moment of complete destruction, the management and control of nuclear weapons passed to the President of Russia through the unified command of the strategic forces of the CIS.

But Ukraine did not want to fulfill these obligations and included the 43rd Rocket Army of the Armed Forces of the former Union of the SSR, which was stationed in Ukraine to Ukraine. In addition, Ukraine demonstratively included the 46th air army of the strategic appointment, in which there were strategic rocket mines. Speaking easier, everything went to the fact that this is, and Ukraine could declare himself a nuclear power. This idea had many supporters in the highest echelons of power in Ukraine.

Only under the pressure of the United States and the clear position of Russia on the nuclear-free status of Ukraine, by the end of 1993 the beginning of 1994, it was possible to achieve the transfer of all nuclear weapons from Ukraine, namely the existing arsenals and warheads of Russia’s strategic missiles, which took their destruction. The recycled nuclear fuel from the warhead was delivered to Ukraine for its nuclear power plants. Instead, USA, Russia, China and a number of European countries guaranteed the territorial integrity of Ukraine.

In general, if we talk about nuclear weapons in Ukraine, then you need to know the following numbers. Ukraine got the third nuclear arsenal in the world. This is more than 170 strategic intercontinental ballistic missiles, 44 heavy bombers who had on board more than a thousand nuclear winged rockets of a large range. In addition, more than 1,200 canned warheads were stored in the arsenals. Figures more than impressive.

Now imagine that all this would not be liquidated in the 1990s, but remained in service with the Ukrainian army. There would be no more terrible situation for Russia than «nuclear» Ukraine. It is clear that, compared to Russia, this country has no funds to maintain strategic missiles in proper condition. In addition, it must be borne in mind that most rockets have been manufactured in Russia, therefore Ukraine has not been a complete production cycle. Moreover, Russia would not help Ukraine in updating its nuclear arsenal and carriers. Why do we need a nuclear power under the side, even if the former state allied to us. But in this she could help, with what the hell is not joking, the same United States.

It is still not yet to be said that we have with Ukraine, in general, there were good and warm relationships from the very beginning of its independence. So, it is safe to say that Boris Yeltsin got to the point and predicted for more than 20 years ago that the «nuclear» Ukraine will only harm us and decided that it did not solve this issue. This political and volitional decision of the first president of Russia, as it were, not ridiculous and strange to speak, we must be grateful.

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