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We are accustomed to that in fact, only Americans and explore far space. But this is true. If you list the overwhelming number of probes and automatic stations — they are American. Yes, there were Soviet. But the fact of the matter is that they were. And now, our country is honorable and does not study far cosmos at all. Russia is not, even on the moon, what then can we say when we mention the long-range space. That’s how we live. Other countries are not counting. The budget will not allow, and technology. Even China, showing successes, will not be able to throw heavy and technically complex devices. So it is necessary to hope that at least a US state, represented by the US Congress — will promote such ideas, and NASA, which is from this congress and receives its financing.

Now, let’s talk about the «main hero» of today’s article. Namely, about «Europa Clipper» or, as it is also called, «Europa Multiple-Flyby Mission». At the moment, the project is under the development and partial assembly stage. The automatic interplanetary station itself consists of the main orbital apparatus and the landing module. The specific date of launch of the automatic station, but according to the plans, in the middle of the 2020s, it can still start if there is a free super-step rocket «SLS BLOCK 1B». Either will run on the «Delta IV Heavy», and in the extreme case, on the «Falcon Heavy» using the Star 48BV acceleration unit. «

The question with the choice of a carrier missile is fundamental for several reasons. Namely: if the launch will be produced by the pH «SLS», the device will arrive in the Jupiter system for 2.5 years. And this is very fast, since the accelerated block of this rocket will send the device directly to Europe, without the use of gravitational maneuvers from Venus and Earth. The rocket itself is a breakthrough and you can read about it in our

This mission has several goals: to study Europe on the likelihood of life there, as well as to decide on the landing site of the descent apparatus, collecting enough information for this. The orbital probe and the descent apparatus will have to study the ice shell of Europe and try to confirm the suggestion of scientists about the existence of the Order of the Ocean and the wormies that can lead to the ocean. The mission will have to determine the chemical composition of both the surface layer of ice and the alleged ocean. In addition, the orbital probe will have to give a characteristic of the surface of Europe. The whole mission will transmit about 2.5 TB of information on Earth. These are high-quality photos from the surface of Europe, and photographs from the probe from the satellite orbit. The resolution of cameras that will be installed on the probe and the descent apparatus are the most advanced.

Both the probe and the descent apparatus will be equipped with the latest research equipment. These are all sorts of scanners, radars, magnetometers, narrow and wide-angle cameras, spectrographs, seismographs, microscopes. In general, so many tools and equipment that will allow you to confirm the presence of the ocean. The descent apparatus itself, called «Europa Lander» is under development, although the composition of the equipment and tools is already defined. The descent apparatus will be powered by both RITEG and solar panels. The only one perhaps he will not be able to lastly serve Jupiter, as well as the orbital probe — as near Jupiter a high level of radiation.

The final phase of work with the entire system will be held from July to December 2022, which will include the final design of the probe, assembly and testing. After that, there will be a phase of preparation for the start and, directly, the start of the probe itself and the descent device on the selected rocket carrier to the Jupiter system.

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