«Myth» that the United States lost its industrial production


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Today’s article is unexpected by its topics. In the world, it is customary to call Russia a country with the collapsed industry, nothing producing and, simply, an agricultural country, and that with the stretch. Most of all, it is called the country sitting on the «oil needle». But, after the last political events in the United States, such topics began to agrees that this country will soon disintegrated, which there is nothing to produce that the United States has bent and there is no industry there, and all imported from the «Locomotive» of the global economy and the Sveti world «Technological Giant» — China. In general, about the US spoke the same thing as about us.

Let’s try today to dispel this myth. Since, it is really a real contrived, «sudden from the finger» myth. When you hear such exclamations, you begin to really believe in such a split that everyone sitting on all Chinese and that they all come up with, and here we are, such insights, do not know anything. But, okay, if this is spoken about Russia, it is also clear, we are accustomed to such things to hear about us. But when you hear such about the United States — immediately you start to get up in a stupor. But, since we live in the technological age and can clarify whether it is or not, referring to official sources and research that is freely available on the Internet.

Mechanical engineering is the industry that produces various machines, equipment and appliances for industry. I think clearly explained. And here, begins «bikes» of a global scale, Mol USA all products of mechanical engineering are imported from the same China, other countries of Asia and Europe. And yes, it is common that even if there is machine-building plants in the US, then all the components there are Chinese. This is not true. All exactly the opposite. Chinese machines, most of their part consist of components that are manufactured in Germany and the United States. But the opinion of people does not change. Speaking with simple words, there is a wide international cooperation.

The most interesting thing is that the overwhelming number of microchips, in general, American technology and assembly, and the access to their production, the American authorities prohibit and do it correctly. Not without Russian components and aggregates in famous Chinese machines. Actually, truly Chinese in such machines are only the machine housing. And yes, it would be funny to say that the United States is not an industrialized country, without taking into account the fact that only our US cars produce more than 10 million per year. Second place after China. Yes, China produces up to 25 million pieces per year, but the overwhelming share goes to the domestic market of China itself and the international market reaches a bit. In general, here you can praise China with «foam at the mouth», the main thing is not to intercepted, «we will not praise your swamp in this case.

And with the US, we want to solve another question today: to explain that this country is very industrialized. Industrial production is developed there, has a global level. Name another very important indicator that the United States is a wide industrialized country and there are a lot of industrial enterprises in it, including machine-building. This indicator is next. Take the mid-2010 indicator. Production and consumption of machine-tooling products. Machine-building products are important for industry. In 2014-2015, the United States occupied the 6th place in the world for the production of machine-tooling products. According to the purchasing products of the products of the USA machine-building, they occupied the 2nd place (after China). From the open data it is clear that the lion’s share of machines purchases the machine-building industry of the United States.

No need to forget that in the US is the most huge industrial and agricultural base in the world. And if you fold China and the EU, then only in this case they can compete with the states. It should not be not taken into account that American companies and plants are kept producing the world in the world of commercial vehicles, tractors and all kinds of cars for agriculture and mining industry. Or and this USA products produced in praised China? And yes, about China. This is just the «assembly conveyor» of the United States, financially and technologically dependent on the United States, for example, in the electronics industry and, even from Russia — in the space sphere.

With Russia, the situation is worse. But this is not the topic of our today’s article. The data show that industrial production in Russia is growing, but domestic machine-building is slower. According to infographics provided below, you will understand everything yourself.

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