Mars may be a real kingdom of mushrooms


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The topic of Mars is always interesting to many lovers of all space. This time, there are interesting news from the world of Flora Mars. Although what we are about. No flora on Mars can be. After all, the atmosphere of the Red Planet is cut into so much that gases from the atmosphere slowly disappear into open space. And in general, the atmosphere consists of carbon dioxide by 95% and saying anything about life on Mars on the open surface is not necessary, except in the dungeons and in grottoes.

Nevertheless, there are indirect evidence that life outside of our planet can differ fundamentally from earthly. So on Mars — the same. The conditions on the planet may be one and the form of life itself — the other. The fact is that scientists are looking for mainly on Mars bacteria or their traces. But I did not find anything. Perhaps they are not looking there. But that’s not the point. Even if you remember which kingdoms of living beings are on Earth, it becomes clear that the field for finding a life on Mars is very wide.

In total, eight famous kingdoms of living beings: viruses, archaeys, mushrooms, plants, chromists, animals, bacteria and protists. So, scientists are looking for bacteria. And there are still seven other. And one of the applicants for the role of the first found real Martians — can be considered representatives of the kingdom of fungi. After all, indeed, after all, they are looking for bacteria, then why can not be on Mars mushrooms. By the way, applications and assumptions are not unfounded. The fact is that Mars’s photos made by American robers and autonomous stations over the past 20 years are calculated tens of thousands and most of them are in open sources and are presented by NASA.

Therefore, anyone can see them. Independent scientists can do this. Such and found. These include the top three scientists who live in different parts of the world: Xinley Wei, Rudolf Schild and Ron Gabriel Joseph. Of course, they studied snapshots of the Mars surface, both with NASA Rovers and from High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment (Hirise), which is installed on board the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter spacecraft, launched in 2005. Here they believe that mushrooms grow on Mars. They are confident about that. Naturally, this group of scientists wrote a whole study that, however, was not published in any of the magazines.

In their opinion, the presented photos are visible specific colonies of mushrooms and lichens. Moreover, they have a green shade that, according to these scientists, it indicates that there is a chlorophyll. But NASA claims and officially reports that in this place simply melted ice, which consists of carbon dioxide. But scientists went further and argue that the Rover Curiosity itself has a colony of mushrooms on his corps. Also, they saw in photographs taken from open sources. If you believe in this scientist, then the atmosphere of Mars is at all its affairs — in principle, suitable for the survival of mushrooms, which would not be amazing.

If you drop the misconceptions, then the grounds for the vitality of the version of these scientists are there. After all, if I really melt ice, then on a wet place for mushrooms — the most detached. Moreover, the alleged colonies of mushrooms after a short time change their dimensions: it becomes more, then decreasing. Well, low temperatures on Mars, radiation and lack of oxygen are not a hindrance, since living organisms could safely adapt to local conditions for many years. Well, do not forget about a greenish color, which may indicate the production of chlorophyll mushrooms.

Of course, we are not truth in the last instance. But still, it is realistic to learn about the availability of life on Mars, you can only in one case: to deliver large samples of the Martian rock, stones and ice from the surface. By the way, such a mission is already being developed in the NASA and ES bents and the mission is scheduled for the end of 2020 — the beginning of the 2030s. We wish success, since all this is done for the scientific and technical development of humanity, in principle.

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