Marine Monsters: Underwater Airlines of Japan


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An understandable thing is that the army for any self-respecting country is the priority. After all, as Napoleon said: «The people who do not want to feed their army will feed someone else.» Therefore, since the end of the 19th century, the arms race begins between the leading powers of the time. Which weapons do not create or do not hold in the form of drawings for future wars. One of these weapons was the underwater aircraft carrier. You can surprise, but such marine monsters were in reality. And not at the same country, but in several countries of the world. In general, the first similarities of underwater aircraft carriers began to appear before the First World War in Germany. Underwater aircraft carriers could carry airplanes on board. But these planes were not simple, but hydroplanes and hydrosapolines.

The most successful in the development of underwater aircraft carriers was Japan. The first Japanese underwater aircraft carrier was built in 1932. In 1939, the first underwater aircraft carrier «I-7» type «J-3» was created. This aircraft carrier had a catapult and springboard on his board, and in the hangar 2 aircraft like «Yokosuka E14y». The plane carried the functions of both scout and bomber. The Japanese constantly carried out the modernization of their underwater aircraft carriers. More than 20 units were built. By the way, for both world wars, for the first time and the only time a bomb strike was applied. This was done by the E14Y aircraft in September 1942 over the state of Oregon. The Japanese persecuted the goal to cause forest fires in this state.

In the second half of World War II, Japan was developed underwater monster — underwater aircraft carrier that had the name «I-400». He had the following characteristics: the crew — 144 people, displacement — 6.5 thousand tons, the maximum speed — 18 nodes, length — 122 m, width — 7 m, immersed to a depth — 100 m, the autonomy of the navigation is 90 days. The underwater aircraft carrier was armed with one artillery gun in 140 mm and four 25 mm. In addition, there were 20 torpedoes on board. For this aircraft carrier was built by Aichi M6A Seyran aircraft. The range of the aircraft was from 1200 to 1500 km.

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