Like the Indians «sold» the Dutchman Island Manhattan


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Almost every resident of the Earth knows the city of New York. It became such a symbol of the city of cities. What to say, if many American films starred exactly there, a lot is connected with it. I will not delve into this topic, I think everyone is understandable why this city is as much as it is. In the US, New York, also wears the nickname «Big Apple». It was so nicknamed 1920s. Versions of the origin of this nickname set. So, we all accustomed that this city is and everything, and there is no replacement. But it was not always so. After all, the Europeans were not always in North America, but came there only 500 years ago. Over time, the settlements of the British and the Dutch have grown. And this, now we know the country that is in North America.

If we talk about New York, then this is the largest city of the United States. The population of the city is 8.5 million people. In the agglomeration of the city there are more than 25 million people. New York is located in a beautiful bay at the mouth of the Hudson River on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean. The city was founded in 1624 by the Dutch colonists. Until 1664, I wore a new Amsterdam name. The largest island in New York is Manhattan. Business and cultural center with multiple streets and central park. Here are the famous Street Broadway and Wall Street.

At first, on the site of Manhattan was only a deserted plot of land. Then the Dutch colonists were sailed and got quietly to pretend on this island. Then, they founded on the southern tip of Manhattan, the settlement of the new Amsterdam. But immediately, there were some indigenous inhabitants of America — Indian tribes, namely, on the island of Manakhatto and Canary.

Bought Manhattan Island from Indians Peter Minoright. Peter was a civil servant, later became the first governor of New Holland. Note, the island is huge. Area island 59.5 square meters. km. In length from north to south 21.5 km, and width is 3.7 km. As the legend says, the Dutchman in exchange for the island gave the Indians knives, beads, blankets and rum. The total cost in modern money is estimated at 24 dollars. But here is not the most interesting. Since the Indians who sold them are the island at all owned this island. They owned them completely different Indians. And those that they inflated them, they just sailed there to hunt and accidentally stumbled the same Dutch and offered to sell them the island. Well, these Indians decided that no need to refuse such a «gift from scratch.» And when his real owners sailed back to the island, he learned that he was not already indignant.

Perhaps this legend is the legend in fact, but very funny and ridiculous. The English New York began according to the results of the Second English-Dutch war and in 1667 transferred him to the British. In exchange for him, they were transferred to the English colony of Suriname in South America.

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