Lies about the Crimean Bridge and the Great Chinese Most Builders


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Already almost 7 years since the Crimea Peninsula joined Russia and for several years, how they built the Crimean Bridge, and the disputes around this structure do not subside. What is not only not to say about him, then it was built by the Chinese, they were sculpted, then billions were sore during construction. In general, you lie like from the beginning to the very end. And the bridge at the same time it works fine. Yes, and it is not just a bridge, but two bridges in one: car and rail. The bridge is wonderful, beautiful and built according to the most modern technologies.

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In addition, the Crimean Bridge is the longest bridge in Russia and Europe. «Well, what they say» — they will say some people in our country and abroad. They say it is nothing to proud. But when the longest was a 17-kilometer bridge in Portugal — proud, they say what portuguers are advanced. And when the bridge was built in Russia better, so immediately, such as there is nothing to be proud of. Double standards, and plus, their own citizens, simply dislike their country and are already thinking at the subconscious level that if European, it is better, and if our Russian is, it is bad. In general, something like this.

In addition, this bridge is told such bikes that a normal person can have access to the Internet, to quietly check all the information. In general, the bridge was built in record short time. Its construction cost $ 3.7 billion. But here, «lovers» of Russia managed to deceive their readers, calling the construction of the bridge «super high-quality saw». In general, and then they lay on the full program. As an example, the Great Exposers took Danyan-Kunshan Viaduct in China, intending to settle that this is a bridge. That is, the authors did not explain that Viaduct is the transportation of a bridge type, but not a full-fledged bridge as the Crimean Bridge.

Chinese viaduct, as its basis passes over the ground, and a little part of it passes on the lake. But the Crimean Bridge is a concrete bridge, standing between the Crimea and Tamanu above the sea. In addition, they said, they say this viaduct at length in almost 165 km cost only 1.46 billion dollars. But in fact, he cost 9 billion dollars. In addition, justice for the sake of, it must be said that the Crimean Bridge passes over the sea for 7.5 km, and the total length is 19 km. In this place, specifically into the seabed to the depth of 100 meters is drunk supports, which are withstanding ice-growing, sea storms and 9-point earthquakes. And this Chinese viaduct, passes along the edge of the lake, not even the sea, especially which, does not even freeze in winter.

So, before chatting «exposing» speeches about the Crimean Bridge — you need to teach the match and the theory of him. In any case, the Crimean Bridge is the grand achievement of engineering thought of modern Russia. This is a real sea bridge under which all sorts of ships can pass. Who would not talk about me, let them talk on, and Russia will go further, only forward, only for further achievements in various fields of its activities.

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