Launched in 2020 Marsoises reached Mars


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Cosmos lovers remember that in July 2020, three spacecraft were launched to Mars. The difference between their launches was a couple of days. Why did the devices have been launched in such a short interval, you ask? All because at that moment there was a window for running. This window opens every two years, when the distance to Mars is minimal.

So, launched two marshodes: American and Chinese, overcoming their path, arrived at Mars. For example, the Chinese apparatus has already passed the first video frames from the orbit of Mars, on which the planet is perfectly visible. Frames are impressive and make you glan about China’s successes. The American Perseverance is already fragmented to Mars and immediately will sit on the surface of the Red Planet with a huge speed of 20,000 km per hour. In addition, the Orbital Probe of the United Arab Emirates, who was launched in the summer of 2020, flew to Mars.

And now more about all three missions. China will first plant his spacecraft on Mars, which has three components at once. The Chinese mission includes: orbital apparatus, descended module and rover. In the US, in addition to the largest in the history of Rover, flies to Mars — the first in the history of the Martian helicopter. Well, and the UAE to the Red Planet flew the first interplanetary probe in the history of this country, launched into the far space. It will explore the weather conditions of Mars, besides this, take pictures of the surface of the red planet. By the way, the uage probe first flew to Mars.

Who is interested in the topic of mercts, I suggest watch a video from our Yandex. Father with real frames of planting Marshod Kuryiii in 2012. The same video, you will find on our channel in

The Chinese orbital apparatus will remain in orbit around Mars. The surface of the planet drops the descent module and rover. An operation on the descent to Mars will take place in May of this year. The Chinese Martian Mission will explore the atmosphere and the soil of Mars. In addition, it will make many photographic pictures and video from the surface of Mars. Well, according to the classics, it will try to find water or signs that life has existed in the past on Mars.

With American Perseverance everything is clear. It is equipped with a huge number of scientific equipment, several cameras, microphones. To describe the American Marshod, you need to write a separate article. But, separately, you need to say about the Martian helicopter. It will be used in conjunction with the rover. Works on solar panels. Called him ingenuity. Drone weight 1.8 kg. It will be used for laying from the air of the movement of the Marshode. But it does not have any equipment except high-resolution cameras.

What to say, well done. Praise. But, we hope that Russia, everything with the space program will be fine and in the near future we will see Russia’s successes in the development of the Moon and Mars.

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