Jerk in the development of Russia, over which everyone laughed — began


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Inside Russia there are enough such people who really laugh at our country, its successes and victories. Moreover, they do not believe that Russia for 20 years has achieved tremendous success and rapidly goes further up in its development. If, try to convince such personalities, they will call you or «Vatnik», or those who believe blindly propaganda of the Kremlin.

Although, it is clear that propaganda is in every state and it is not necessary that propaganda is bad, but rather the opposite. May also begin to speak and freedom the words and complete infallibility of the countries of the collective West. Although propaganda in the West is tougher and more radical. And in order to make sure of this, you just need to watch the latest news as mercilessly cracking with those media: actors, artists and politicians who disagree with the agenda there. Nothing to prove it, who has the head on the shoulders — will understand the whole essence of what is happening.

So, it happened that after the arrival of V.V. Putin — West «Plyuhal», that this person is not from those who will sacrifice the interests of Russia for the sake of the interests of the West and will not be for him to fight a whole country. As they say, no matter how much the spring would not fit, and sooner or later the expansion will begin in the opposite direction. Also with Russia. For many years, the West was looking for reasons for sanctuction pressure on Russia. And in 2008 and later, in Ukraine. In Ukraine, the West supported the state video and shamelessly announced Russia with an invader of the Crimea. Although, everyone knows that the inhabitants of the Crimea through the referendum decided their fate and returned back home, to Russia.

So, what I’m all a clone. The fact is that for many years we had people in the country and there are, who laugh at Russia, frankly. Especially when hearing about the statements about the «jerk» of Russia or its concentration. Some, in full consider that they do not be Putin — Russia would have gone other than the best way. Although it is clear that Putin is an association with a strong, stable power, which means that in reality during this time, Russia was able to focus and now methodically gets rid of the influence of the West on foreign and domestic policies.

And yes, in foreign policy, we have long been going along the way of getting rid of the Heritage of the Gorbachev-Yeltsin Pore. Strengthened defense capability. And this is first-in-speed, it is important. A simple example, whatever country is rich, anyway, strong countries will want to eat at her wealth. It is so, so now China strengthens its army and fleet so that, first of all, to protect the costly richness and its citizens.

And now, now, when the frontiers of Russia are seriously strengthened. And we know exactly that not one will not dare to eat at our sovereignty — Russia can focus on internal affairs. About this President V.V. Putin spoke back in 2018, he repeated it in this time during a federal assembly. He spoke a lot about internal politics, even if, almost, not all the time of his speech. The president gave clearly to understand that now the government will be engaged in internal politics, the internal development of the country. Even, business, now will now work in the interests of the state, if you think about his promises.

The President said both about social policy and about large-scale infrastructure projects. And many will think that the power is deceiving us and we, in fact, the last salt with bread weaving, although at this moment they have two cars in the family. Even in the prosperous USSR there was no such thing. In reality, the main population of Russia began to live so better than in the 1990s, and even than in the USSR. Just now, people can not understand this, since they missed the full stable life.

And this is exactly the case. Even, in the USSR we did not live as now. I will be too, but people do not understand that socialism was built in the USSR, and in Russia — now capitalism, but people are still demanding socialist benefits, free vouchers, cheap tickets and just only. Not realizing that in the Union it was all subsidized by the state. In general, if you think about the word of the president and looking back, you can see all those changes in the country. And this means that the period of concentration was completed successfully and now — Russia expects a real jerk and this jerk — lies in its internal development.

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