It’s time to talk about the Chinese Competition of the Russian MS-21 aircraft


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It is no secret that the global market for the production of civilian aircraft of all sorts of types is mainly occupied by only two companies: American «Boeing» and European (French) «Airbus». We need to give them due, aircraft they produce high-quality, comfortable and safe. There are no special complaints.

But you need to understand that the times of the hegemony of these aircourtes cannot be eternal: after all, we live in a multipolar world and leading economic powers of the world want to have their own aircraft. First, it is prestigious, secondly, meets the national interests of these countries. This can not disagree, because among them Russia.

Russia can be attributed here with a large stretch, since our country has tremendous experience in the aircraft enterprise. In essence, our country is one of the founders of the aircraft industry in the world, along with the countries of the West. This is China or the same Brazil — did not have a developed aviation industry and came to this sector, not so long ago and experience, compared to us, they have a little.

So, after the decline and «stagnation» in the 1990s. And the beginning of the revival of Russian aviation in the first decade of the 21st century — in Russia, a really competitive aircraft was created in the segment of medium-haul unknown aircraft liners. Now I mean MS-21. But still, the aircraft must first have complete certification in Rosaviatsiya, and then receive the European Certificate. There is no doubt that MS-21 will be certified both in Russia and in Europe and will be able to enter the international market, including.

Now, it’s time to talk about the Chinese aircraft COMAC C919. By the way, this is a real competitor of our MS-21 aircraft. Since, both of these aircraft belong to medium-haul narrow-skewed liners. In addition, our MS-21 and Chinese COMAC C919 cannot at the moment be competitors for similar aircraft of companies «Boeing» and «Airbus», since the scale and volume of production from these companies are incommensurable. They already produced thousands of airliners.

This means that both the Russian aircraft and the Chinese are equal chances of occupating markets. But this is only inside of its countries, as for example, in the same Chinese government, in fact «selling» its purchase by Chinese airlines. At the time of 2019, this aircraft already had more than 700 solid orders inside China. On the contrary, MS-21 has about 300 orders both within Russia and abroad. But there are also disadvantages.

The COMAC C919 aircraft is new and passes the pre-seventive tested tests. Also, he has a completely new Chinese engine that does not have such quality guarantees that Russian PD-14 has. Here the main emphasis is placed on more than an experienced aviation school in Russia. China only develops such technologies, and Russia in this area for many decades. The fuel efficiency of Chinese engines is not clear. There is information that the Chinese aircraft has a lower fuel consumption than MS-21, but again, all this will show the real exploitation of aircraft after the launch of their serial production.

There is an advantage of our aircraft: it can fly at distances more than 6000 km, and Chinese is just 4000 km. This gives a significant advantage to the Russian aircraft. Regarding the passenger capacity, the advantage is also on the Russian side. The Chinese COMAC C919 aircraft can take on board only 156 to 168 passengers depending on the layout of the chairs. Russian MS-21 — from 163 to 211 passengers in the basic version of MS-21-300, depending on the layout of the chairs.

The Chinese COMAC C919 has a huge advantage over Russian MS-21. This is the price of the aircraft. MS-21 with Russian PD-14 engines installed on it, will cost $ 90 million, Chinese COMAC C919 — about $ 50-55 million. Nevertheless, it is impossible to say that this is the main advantage. The most important thing is, of course, the quality and range of flights. Nevertheless, it is necessary to understand that our time is very important fair competition.

This means that after the serial launch will be exactly clear, which the markets of developing countries will take from the aircraft. There is a chance that due to the lower price and economic dependence of Southeast Asia from China — it is the COMAC C919 that will become dominated in this market, which is the most promising.

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