It’s time to debunk the «myth» about the technological «miracle» in China


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In the past 20 years, you can hear from all angles or read that in China is currently a technological «miracle.» Why, make such conclusions. Yes, all because today is China — the «workshop of the world». In China, almost everything is produced. But you need to understand what. The fact is that in China producing goods are engaged in the most part, foreign companies, because labor in China is cheaper than in the West countries. But China itself, in fact, does not produce its high-tech equipment and high-tech equipment.

And now, explain more. To consider the country as a country having high technology, it is necessary to understand whether it has developed a certain technology itself. And here, just China and it turns out, in the outsider among the great powers. For example, we can say that all computers or the same, processors and other components are made in China. And people who are misunderstanding in the subject matter may think that they are Chinese development. But this is not true. Since processors are developed in the United States. And they are produced for the most part in the United States. And in China, the vast majority of American processors produce. The part is carried out under license, but it is precisely to the technical process of production that the Chinese do not have access. The same, with some electronics that Chinese specialists are trying to copy, but with varying success. Therefore, China is difficult to attribute to a high-tech power.

Now let’s talk about the aviation sphere. Everything is bad here for China. There is no point in talking about this independent Chinese aviation industry. She is not. Of course, in the domestic market, China has its own planes. But to the foreign market in China tolerance is closed. China does not have its own technologies for the production of aircraft engines and composite high-tech materials. Western powers, let’s say, do not give China access to their technologies, so China cannot produce its aircraft engines for civil aviation.

Therefore, they are trying to attract Russia to their projects, but they are not fools in Russia. Russia will not go for sale his technologies. In addition, in the Chinese military aviation, which is simply copied with the Soviet developments, which he got from Ukraine in 1990-2000. At that time, this country sold China Soviet technologies of the 1980s. Of course, now, Russia sells its aircraft engines to China, but they are export and their characteristics are lower than those that are supplied to Russian combat aviation.

Now let’s talk about the Space Program of China. The entire space program is fully held on Soviet technologies. The fact is that after the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, Soviet plants, KB and the Research Institute of Rocket and Space Industry remained on the territory of Ukraine. So, after that, the Chinese hurried to buy out the technical documentation from Ukraine to the Soviet developments in the sphere of space, in particular, on the RD-120 rocket engine. And now, the All Space Industry of China keeps on this engine. They, of course, were modernized, but their own, the more better engine China could not create. Since in China for a long time, there was simply no missile-space sphere in principle. Therefore, in order to understand this given, you need to study the history of China’s rocket and space industry.

For today, I tried to explain more clearly that China is no means a high-tech power and no technological «miracle» — there is no. This is all «myth». And in order to understand this, you need to figure it out in more detail in this topic.

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