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For many today, July 21, 2021, was the usual day, which may be no different from others. Outdoor, routine or long-awaited vacation — this is what could be on this day. But Russian cosmonautics, today is the most unusual day, you can even say that he is historical. Today, the long-awaited module «Science» was successfully launched from Baikonur. Eight days, he must be docked to the Russian segment of the ISS. For this, in a few days will be refused and flooded in the ocean, the Russian Pier Module. In his place and dock our sued multifunctional laboratory module «Science».

He brought the «science» to the orbit around the earth, Proton-M carrier rocket. Start and flight rocket passed regular and successfully. Module systems, as expected, worked successfully. Solar panels and antennas of the «Science» module were disclosed as planned — after entering orbit. The «Science» module began to be built from the distant 1995, as the dubler of the first module of the ISS — «Zarya». So to speak, just in case. For various reasons, the launch of «science» was postponed repeatedly. Of course, the reasons were good, so it happened that he went to the ISS so late. But, it is better late than ever.

By the way, in mind my geographical accommodation (one of the Russian southern regions of Western Siberia), I was able to observe one of the stages of the launch of MLM «Science». In addition to viewing the direct broadcast of Roskosmos, I waited when the rocket appears due to the horizon. Since, launch rockets from the Baikonur cosmodrome, I manage to see pretty often (I’m about evening and night launches), I didn’t have any special surprise, although the spectacle is very very impressive. I propose to see my author’s photos presented below.

In general, the module itself has a sign in our cosmonautics, because it should become the first module of the Russian National Space Station, which is scheduled for 2025. Whatever the «long-term» was not considered our «science», but it has the full right to attention to it. All the events that occur in the Russian cosmonautics in recent years — they say that we have it, successfully functions, and people in it are tirelessly working for the benefit of the country.

No matter how laughing over Russia and our «Roskosmos», but Russian astronautics move in the right direction, everything makes it true and systematically. No need to look back to China with his endless success at the moment or the same US — with their successful private cosmonautics. It is necessary to understand and remember that Russia has its own national interests in space, which it realizes at such a pace, which considers it necessary, based on their needs and opportunities. We wish Roscosmos a successful docking of MLM «Science» and continued success in their hard work.

And today everything. Thank you for reading to the end. We are waiting for your reading of our new articles.