It was worthwhile to say «no» as China just «blurted out»


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This is the last 10 years, China began to produce its technology, just coping Western technologies. Of course, there is nothing wrong with that. We, too, at one time successfully copied. Simply, at first, copied technologies, not very successful, and quality compared to the original — do not shine. But this is not the essence. Phones, can produce any country, just making copies, and processors, you can purchase.

Now about serious. China, of course, produces a lion’s share of machine tools and gadgets in the world. But, technologies in very fundamental areas — they simply do not have. No and point. Take the same aviation industry. As an example, take Russia. Our country, in the 1990s. I experienced the full collapse of the economy and the economic collapse. But nevertheless, I managed to preserve the aviation industry.

And besides, in recent years, she has grown new frames and successfully moves forward, so that they would not say everything. Why we make such a conclusion. And everything is simple. For the period of sanctions, Russia managed to fully develop, produce and test the Aviation Engine PD-14. And this, practically, from scratch and despite Western sanctions. So that you understand, the aviation engine is a very complex device to be able to produce everything.

As China did not praise, but on its newest plane COMAC C919, China will install its engines. But they are unreliable in the sense that China produces aviation engines for passenger aircraft for the first time. Therefore, evaluating experts and potential buyers will be lower than that of PD-14. Because Russia’s aviation sphere — has more, or even much more authority in the eyes of the whole world. It is easy to confirm only one example.

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The fact is that in the near future China planned to begin production of its own fighters of the fifth generation Shenyang FC-31.And moreover, China has already found someone to sell a large batch of their aircraft, or even a few parties, including Pakistan — the nearest friend of China .

And all due to the banal refusal of Russia of the supply of China Russian engines AL-31. The fact is that the Russian al-31 was established to this Chinese fighter until recently. But, at the last moment something alerted Russia. Perhaps there is a risk that the Chinese will try to copy the Russian engine, which will give them some advantages in the forcing the development of its own Chinese engine to the level of Russian. Moreover, this Al-31 engine is recognized as the best in its class.

In general, as it is known, Russia simply refused for its part in the supply of Al-31 engines, the more modernized and all without explanation. All this led to the fact that the countries that already «booked» the newest Chinese fighter fifth generation — simply refused to buy. Here is a great example of Chinese «technological» leadership. After all, leadership is not measured only by the number of produced, or just what you make all world consumer goods.

Once it came to serious technologies that ensure the security of the country — China showed that he is very far from Russia very far. And your engine for the fighter, China will be very difficult to develop. Moreover, it is also known that the Chinese fighter fifth generation, in fact, the fourth generation. And the thing is that China has a little different definition of generations.

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