It seems that the «lunar plot» suffered a full collapse.


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More than 50 years have passed since the flight of American astronauts on the moon, but disputes over the reality of the lunar mission are doubting. Of course, in the theorists of the «lunar conspiracy» a large amount of evidence-based base, which they consider for the truthful. Perhaps they are right. But still, evidence of the reality of the flight of the mission «Apollo», still much more. This is the video confixation of the Saturn-V missile, the first output of astronauts from the landing lunar module and negotiation records. About the number of photos that definitely prove the success of the mission — just worst.

In general, it should be understood that during the «lunar race» of the United States and the USSR, the competed between them, and none of the parties could, in principle, make sure that the mission was Farc. After all, if everything would come out, the United States would lose the image and prestige in the eyes of the world community. The Soviet Union, on the contrary, would trust more, as to suspect our country in deception, it was difficult. Moreover, on the part of the Soviet Union such actions, it was impossible to notice, since the country did very successful steps in the development of the outer space, which is for a forgiveness — there was no practical meaning.

And here it suggests a simple and right decision to prove the reality of flights to the Moon by American astronauts in the late 1960s of the 1970s. You need to either send to the landing site any of the lunar missions, the spacecraft with a high-quality photo-video camera to capture everything as it is. The second solution is to make a photograph of landing sites from a space probe. The benefit that modern technologies reached such opportunities that such an operation will not be made of much difficulty. In addition, such snapshots are actually previously made by Japanese and American apparatus: Selene and Lro.

But the fact is that skeptics do not even believe these photos. Well, they did not believe these photos from the landing sites of the American lunar landing modules, they may believe the next photo, only the CHANDRAYAAN already made by the Indian probe 2. It is unlikely that I still have a photo. Well, those who are in doubt the reality of the landing of Americans on the moon, I propose to see another proof of the scientific and technical breakthrough of mankind in the 1960-1970s. The photograph was made by Indian probe Chandrayaan 2 and published on September 3, 2021 at the online conference of the Indian Space Agency, where the report on the work of the Indian probe Chandrayaan 2 was discussed.

Sports, because in fact, the flight of people on the moon in the past century is a universal achievement that people should be proud of and multiply by its new discoveries and breakthroughs in the field of cosmonautics, rocket artism and exploration of outer space.

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