It is now that Russia has a «window for action» appeared, to achieve leadership positions in world microelectronics


But during the years of Putin’s reign, Russia managed to revive our ashes, the domestic processor production sector. Although not so long ago, this happened, but such names of Russian processors as «Elbrus» and «Baikal» — no longer cause from us some surprise. People, in principle, are aware that there are such domestic processors, but they are not massive and there are no them in a personal computer from a conventional ordinary resident of Russia. And this is not yet. At the end of the article I will try to clarify why it is now that Russia has the opportunity to compare with world leaders in the production of microelectronics.

Already today, the state allocates tens of billions for years and even trillions of rubles to the development of domestic microelectronics, science in the civilian sector of microelectronics. Only on scientific research in this area, the state allocates more than 1.6 trillion rubles for the next three years. As you do not revive microelectronics. Many will say that money will be stolen. Well, let them remain with her opinion. In addition, R & D of the means of production is subject to serious subsidization from the state. And this is more than 300 billion rubles by subsidies. This suggests that even processor manufacturing means will be Russian. That’s so turn.

This in principle was not in the modern history of our state. Perhaps someone will objected that they say our microelectronics thanks to the state and lives, and it is only worth removing funding, as everything flows. It is all true, but it is necessary to understand that funding is necessary, first of all, for the sovereignty of Russia and its security, and not for «sofa experts», which in this issue may not understand even the most elementary. Therefore, funding will continue that over time it will give our microelectronics solid positions in the domestic market. This will allow our devices and the same chips to enter the Eurasian Economic Union markets. Perhaps over time, Russia will open and markets for Asia, Africa, America and Europe.

In general, we can say that whether this is the revival of Russia? Yes, none of the serious and large countries can afford to have their own processors and chips, but depend as we (for now) from imports from Taiwan and the United States. We do not mean the Civil Sector of Gaming Processors, where the markets traditionally hold two American firms. We want to say about the civilian sector, where government agencies, industrial enterprises and civil space sector are concentrated. After all, computers are applied there. Russia is simply obliged to have independence and to provide itself with its own developments and the final product in the form of microelectronics and chips devices.

The benefit that they understand the Russian authorities and do everything for the complete independence of Russia in this area, to which we and we wish to succeed. The most important thing is that there is a solid political will in the highest echelons of the authorities in order to notify anything to start the revival of the whole sector of the economy, on which the future of the country depends on and its safety. After all, it is always easier to buy a finished product abroad, it is more difficult to establish the development and production at home. Well, at the end, I want to say the following. Naturally, the civilian sector in terms of the mass of processors for personal computers, Russia, most likely missed his leadership in this sector. But the fact is that soon to reduce the nanometer technological process of production processor will have nowhere and then you will have to wait only for the emergence of new technologies or replace silicon to another material.

So, while there is a moment, Russia and should catch up with the leaders in the production of microelectronics and get up with them in one row, when they begin the transition from silicon to another material. So, now Russia has been going on with a rapid pace to complete independence in microelectronics and it is some of the leadership positions in the production of processors. And this probability is also huge. It is still necessary to understand that all these processors are used not only at home in residents of the country, but also enterprises, state institutions, in the space and military sectors.

And today everything. Thank you for reading to the end. We are waiting for your reading of our new articles.