ISS needs to be preserved and already has a company that will help in this


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The International Space Station (ISS) has been located at a low near-earth orbit for over 20 years. Thanks to it in space, at least somehow international cooperation remains. But nothing is eternal, therefore ISS will eventually be released from people and flooded in the Pacific Ocean. However, a modular station, if it does not have serious problems, theoretically can be saved. To do this, it is necessary to replace obsolete and defective residential, cargo, warehouse modules, electrics and other modules, which are responsible for the energy equipment or reproduction of oxygen and water.

In theory, it all always sounds easily, but in fact, everything rests on money. Although it is clear that the construction of a completely new station — also will require years only on its assembly. As a result, everything will turn out exactly the same way as with the ISS — will not have time to complete the space station, as all the same few decades will be held and the new station will also offer to reduce from orbit and dispose of in the World Ocean. Therefore, countries that were creators of the ISS and work at this station — you need to think carefully and do not take hasty conclusions.

The station can be saved, and if the authorities of these countries, to put it mildly, have no way to allocate money for the further maintenance of the station after 2030 — you can give the ISS to private companies. They can solve this sick question in favor of saving the ISS. We want to say anything against the plans to create the Russian station «Ross» or the same Chinese, well, or the arrogant international station «Gateway». These stations are needed, the more they will be more modern and have a better internal filling. But nevertheless, it is impossible to just take and drown in the ocean what is not even complete. Especially, we repeat, the ISS theoretically can be constantly updated, replacing modules and blocks, well, or save it, at least for several years longer.

Well, okay, today we are not about it. I would like to tell the fact that there is a company from the USA, which wants to maintain the ISS, and it is correct that she strives for this and is already moving in this matter. The name of this company AXIOM SPACE. It is noteworthy that her founded not just some kind of entrepreneur from the United States, and the former head of the ISS program from NASA Michael Saffredi, who led in 2005-2015. It happens in general. You understand that such a person has many connections and solid financial base to implement their plans. And now, a few words about how this company wants to save this project.

By the way, sim note that Michael Saffredi founded his company immediately as he left his position in NASA. And save the ISS want an outstanding way. According to the plan of the company, it is planned to be completed in the ISS of the private orbital station. It is very logical and practical. It is noteworthy that NASA has chosen Axiom Space as a company in 2020 as the company that will be developed for the ISS of the whole three large modules and the analogue of the most «domes», which is already at the station and has large windows for reviewing the surface of the Earth. All these modules will be a private orbital station. The first module will be launched in 2024.

Now about everything in order. Of course, this station should have a nodular module that will connect the entire station from the ISS. This module will be launched on November 24, 2024. The nodal module implies the module to which the remaining two modules are docked: residential and research. These modules will be ultra-modern as outside, so inside, because there will be Wi-Fi, video shots and a transparent dome for the review of the planet. A distinctive feature of this dome will be that it will be possible to observe the planet in full growth.

But still, there is information that even this project does not imply the preservation of the ISS for a long time. All this becomes clear, since Axiom Space has plans for launching the energy platform to work, which will work independently of the ISS energy system. It is known that this platform should start working for the closure of the ISS. If the ISS is officially close and begin to reduce from orbits to the Pacific Ocean, the station will be minted and will become a private commercial space station «Aksiom». Thus, the ISS although not long, will remain working at an near-earth orbit, bringing scientific benefits to humanity.

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