Is there really free housing in the USSR?


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Almost 30 years have passed since the collapse of the Soviet Union. Modern Russia, the only of all former republics of the USSR recognized itself as a successor of the SSR Union. But he recognized himself as a successor, it was on its territory, well, as well as the successor of the USSR in international organizations, that is, in fact, it has retained membership in all organizations, the same UN and its ownership. Well, here, as I think, only Russia and can criticize without the addiction those Ogrechi of the USSR, who, of course, were. So, let’s try to remember and figure out, with one of the myths from the USSR, namely, about free housing. Indeed, it was given to everyone in a row and whether it was so free.

Let’s understand that nothing free does not happen, because you need to build this «free» housing, which means you pay workers, pay for building materials that are also produced by workers. These building materials must also be brought to the construction site. Like this. Be sure to, someone paid for «free» apartments from the urban residents of the USSR, who received them, including in turn. Without exaggeration, but for such a carefree and beautiful life of citizens, they paid, including simple collective farmers. They paid, both for «free» apartments and for health care and education. The fact is that the collective farmers, as producers of the products they produced in the collective farm — did not dispose on the fact, and that is, they could not manage it. All products produced by them went to the state, which redeemed her at low prices. Rather, these purchasing prices were many times less than real. In the time of Brezhnev, this issue in a closed form was discussed by a party tip, but the documents were declassified only in the 1990s.

In addition, partially, they paid for all the «free» workers, since their work was appreciated below. In fact, for their earned money, the Soviet man could not buy what was needed. For example, the same apartment. He received it only from the state, only at the place of work. Moreover, for her for her, he stood in line for 10-15 years. This apartment did not go to his property, but led him to hiring. He could not, say, convey to grandchildren or children. Here is such an opening. Many, today living adults who lived in Soviet times were still children or young people, and could not know such subtleties. And in principle, there were the best time in life — youth, therefore, they cannot agree with this fact. And yes, we will be honest that most people remember the «late» USSR, when the country was led by Brezhnev, Andropov and Gorbachev.

Well, the most important thing, you need to understand that almost half of the inhabitants of the USSR during the time of Brezhnev, lived in rural areas, and therefore, there was a low one’s share of his own «free» apartment. Apartment houses with «free» apartments were built in rural areas and in the townships of urban type, but the percentage of them was small there. Further, a huge percentage of the same citizens and rural residents, lived in communal apartments, hostels and barracks. Well, as usual, they stood for ten years in line for a «free» separate apartment with all amenities. In no case, I do not want to diminish the merits of Soviet times in the history of Russia, but you need to look truth. After all, there is no such that everything is either good or all bad.

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