Is Russia going to revive the Burand Spacecraft program?


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Recently, the topic is emerging that Russia is going to revive anyone the program of the reusable spacecraft «Buran», something else similar to the smaller spacecraft. Moreover, it is already known that the project work on the ship will be completed in 2022. Let’s try to imagine why Russia has a reusable spacecraft. Most likely, the ship is needed in order to monitor and work for satellites and their external state. On the one hand, this ship of Russia is not needed because of its high cost. But on the other hand, such ships in the development or tests in the United States and China. Therefore, our country will need such a ship for confident finding Russia among the cosmic powers.

And yet, if you restore the project or create a re-ship, then there is no need for the ship to be with the crew. Since modern technologies allow you to create a ship without a crew, either enough two people. But still, there is information that the ship will have 5 crew members on board. Again, it is not clear which rocket will deliver the ship to orbit. Maybe the «hangar», but in a heavier version. Well, with the practical side of the ship, it is also clear. The grouping of Russian military and civilian satellites is growing every year and the presence of cosmic reusable ships for Russia does not promise anything good. There is no guarantee that Russian satellites can be out of order such ships with the crew.

But you need to think if Russia has funds to create a new cosmic reusable ship. Most likely there is, since the program is launched and next year its project part ends. Clear case, because in the 1990s. Russia had no money, even withdraw the Barana remaining on Baikonur. And today there is work in several directions in the space sphere. Perhaps the time and «burst» will come will be exported. But that’s not the point. And in the fact that someone who did not speak, but Russia reusable space ships under the type of «Buran» are needed, at least in a reduced and improved version. After all, they will be able to ensure the safety of our satellites in orbit, as well as at the right moment, carry out prophylactic or repair work.

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