In which states of the US economy is more than in Russia


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We continue the topic about the US economy. Of course, the GDP of this country is huge. According to different estimates, in 2020, the Nominal US GDP amounted to 21.3 trillion US dollars. There is also the second form of PPP GDP calculation. Here is the US GDP is about the same. But, as a result, if you consider GDP on PPP, then the GDP of other countries is higher than in counting on nominal GDP. Upon nominal GDP, the economy of the same Russia or China is much less than in PPS. How to count, according to PPS or raid, there is a separate question.

Under nominal GDP in the United States, approximately, about 21.3 trillion US dollars. In Russia, nominal GDP is approximately 1.7 trillion dollars. China, about 14.4 trillion dollars. Such a layout is obtained. But according to PPS, Russia has GDP almost like Germany — 4.3 trillion dollars. And now we will try to calculate on nominal GDP the economy of Russia and individual States of the United States of America. You understand yourself if the US economy on nominal GDP is more than a Russian 12.5 times, the GDP of individual states is more than the economy of the whole Russia.

Today I will try to call you states whose economy is more economy of our country. Dry numbers, nothing personal, but only a statement of facts. As a basis, we will take GDP data in the 3rd quarter of 2020, since in 2020 not all data is published.


In the third quarter of 2020, California GDP amounted to 3,120 trillion dollars. This is a huge figure. Almost 2 times the nominal GDP of Russia. In fact, California is currently the richest state of the United States. In California, many different industries. Agriculture is widely developed. In addition, in this state, there are aerospace corporations with their own production, US cinema, mainly based here, and television too. The industry that develops high technologies is also here here. These corporations are based on here. The silicon valley is located in California. This is a whole cluster of the world’s largest companies that work in the field of informational and aerospace technologies. Tourism also plays a huge role in the economy of California.


In the third quarter of 2020, California’s GDP amounted to 1.772 trillion dollars. As of the beginning of the 21st century, the economy of this state is based on high technologies, of course, the oil and gas industry. In addition, agriculture. The Gulf of Mexico is based fishing and oil industry. An important role, tourism plays.


In the third quarter of 2020, California GDP amounted to 1.705 trillion dollars. The state of New York occupies a leading position in the US banking sector. The telecommunications networks of the United States are immediately located, as in California. The industry is very well developed, which has every fourth working staff. Many manufacturing enterprises, shipbuilding, aerospace and electronic. Let’s not discard from accounts and tourism. In addition, New York is the US naval gate, there is the largest seaport.

Little, he catches Russia in the size of the economy of Florida. GDP is 1.111 trillion dollars.

In 2019, the nominal GDP of Russia amounted to 1.637 trillion. dollars. The cumulative nominal GDP of the remaining 14 former Union republics of the Soviet Union was only 0.684 trillion. Total, the GDP of the entire post-Soviet space was equal in 2019 — 2.321 trillion dollars. It will turn out, less california nominal GDP. Such here are numbers.

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