In Russia, build the National Space Center and there is great importance for all domestic cosmonautics


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In recent years, you can hear from everywhere that the Russian cosmos has declined or «is about to the verge.» But in fact, this does not happen. Basically, such conclusions are made due to the fact that people see the cosmic achievements of the United States and China and think that our cosmonautics have no such. Although it is absolutely not true. If people were at least a little later in more detail in this subject, then they would understand what. And blindly repeating the news heard or read on the Internet is to put it mildly, unreasonable. You always need to recheck information. Of course, the Americans and the same Chinese are well done that they move the space sphere, but not the essence.

There are the same space program with us. The only one, it is characterized by the fact that it is more thoughtful, more realistic and not advertised as Americans and the Chinese do. It is realistic that it takes into account the real technical capabilities of humanity. For example, there is a contingent of people who truly believe that Ilon Mask will send astronauts to Mars on his Starship ship. There are such. And hearing such statements, people can appear about the inferiority of our Russian cosmonautics. Even successful launches and all sorts of other iconic events cannot convince them about the opposite.

Of course, American automatic devices made tremendous work in the depths of the solar system. Now the Chinese got to Mars, there are insistent stations and risers. This gives us a reason for reflection. But it is not our mentality to just take and blindly do something. We have no people. We can think over the profitability and the need of the project and only then, give good. But there is nothing bad about it. Our living conditions for centuries have taught us to be such. Therefore, if Russia does something, she does it consistently. And if we do not interfere, we achieve our own, we achieve the final desired result.

So we have with the space program. We cannot spray all our forces in different directions, if we do not see in this practical benefit. It should be understood that the practical benefit, at the moment, from a large-scale study of the same Mars, and even more so, there is no long-range space. No and point. We are not going to fly there in the next 50 years for sure. And to study the same stars, we have telescopes, for example, orbital «spectrum-RG». This is not the «new horizons» apparatus, but nevertheless the results it gives good to promote astrophysics.

Russia leads to an embodiment of its cosmic program so that everything is systematic. We can not fly to the moon without having mastered to the end of a low near-earth orbit. And for this, in full swing, the creation of the newest spacecraft «Eagle» is being created, and there is a serial introduction of the newest family of the Russian Angara Rocket, which will come to replace the legendary «proton».

Speaking with simple words, what is the moon, if we have not yet updated the Soviet «Park» of rockets and spacecraft. I think there is a «iron» logic. So with Mars. What Mars, if you still did not master the moon, at least did not build a permanent station on it. Yes, and flight to Mars without fundamentally other engines — will turn into one end flight. That’s all. Everything else is PR and only. Here mean, the promises of Spacex will send the first people to Mars. I repeat, without other engines, it is unrealistic.

And now, let’s turn to the essence of the case. Since we have a space sphere in our country, and we have no private space companies for which Roskosmos could «hang» their orders, it remains to continue to modernize the centralized cosmonautics management. Make it more mobile, easy-to-control and not fornicated. Here and comes a recipe for the solutions of the current some problems in the Russian cosmonautics.

This decision is the creation of the National Space Center. This is the most correct decision, in our opinion. So historically it happened that the head units of various research institutes, KB and educational organizations of the rocket and space industry are concentrated in Moscow. Of course, some of them have their own branches and production facilities throughout the country. But the fact that the «very top» decided to unite in one place head units of the entire rocket-space sector — it costs a lot. It may say that the Space Sphere, the state imposes high hopes.

The creation of the National Space Center will raise both the prestige of Russian cosmonautics in the international arena and the prestige of the rocket and space industry among Russian youth. In essence, we will begin if you are no longer worried that the rise of the prestige of cosmonautics within the country, which was noted in 1950-1980s. At least 20 thousand employees of the country’s rocket and space industry will work side by side on one territory. In general, a huge center will be built in the area of ​​the NCC location, where a huge area with commercial and residential facilities will be located.

It is known that according to plan the NCC building is not just a common center, where enterprises of the rocket and space industry are concentrated in Moscow. It will contain a large meeting room, presidential cabinets and prime minister, as well as a press center. How without him. By the way, the NCC will become the largest in the world in Moscow. Now, it seems, you understand the scale of the conceived and its meaning for the country.

And today everything. Thank you for reading to the end. We are waiting for your reading of our new articles.