In Russia, a fundamentally new rocket engine is being developed


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In recent years, we are used to seeing in space only the victories of the United States and our neighbor of China, which is either real or through Chur-shed and bloated. Of course, no one is going to depreciate the achievements of the United States, and other countries in the field of space. But, because there are Russia, and how not to twist, we are also a cosmic superpower, who would not say anything. And Russia has something to answer. This time in the area of rocket engine building.

Of course, everyone was in amazement from the achievement of Spacex with their super-heavy rocket Falcon Heavy. But there are small shortcomings in the fact that the rockets of this class are limited in the delivery radius of the shipment. Yes, and agree that in space, in principle, it is difficult to fly further the moon with a minimum time spent. Usually, you need at least six months to fly to the same Mars. And that, it can only be done when converging planets. About deeper space — can be forgotten in principle. There are some automatic stations fly over the years.

But Russia, was able to create such an engine that removes all these barriers within the solar system. Such an engine is a nuclear energizing installation of a megawatt class. It can be delivered to the orbit of the Luna loads and other necessary supplies. In addition, compared with chemical rocket engines, the nuclear engine can gradually accelerate, increasing the speed and traction. And chemical engines operate at the maximum thrust no longer time.

So, to deliver astronauts to Mars, you need just such a nuclear missile engine, but not chemical. The nuclear engine can deliver the ship to Mars in a matter of weeks, no more than two months. Of course, classical rockets can be delivered to the orbit itself, but in the far space — only on nuclear. And as we understand, the future is here for Russia, as Russia, at the moment, is the only country that is closest to the completion of the creation of such an engine. Of course, there is the development of the same engine and in the United States. If the engine development is accurately completed and the test will be successful, it means that it is Russia that can open a new page in astronautics. The most important thing is to realize the opportunity to realize our country.

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