In one of the cities of the world there is a whole area living due to the processing of garbage


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Today we have the topic is not scientific and not political. Let’s talk about real, possibly a little-known general public, the fact. I think that not everyone knows that there is an area where people live at the expense of garbage processing. In fact, this is a whole «world» of garbage, where people are born in families where parents work on garbage processing, then they grow up and work on the same garbage processing, continuing the cause of their parents. For some, this is the only work on which you can make a living. For others, this is a business, and business is not simple, and bringing fabric money. Maybe you already guessed where it was, but I will say that this area is located on the territory of Cairo in the capital of Egypt.

This area, located in Cairo, is called Nasir’s curves. But you need to understand that this area is not, somewhere on the outskirts of this Egyptian metropolis, but is almost in the center. It will be clamped between three districts of Cairo: the central, western and southern parts of the city. At this place, the Copt-Christians live for a long time. Recall that the people of the Copts are the ancient people living in Egypt and being direct descendants of the ancient Egyptians. It is known that this people one of the very first accepted Christianity. And it so happened that after the conquest of Egypt, the Arabs were pushed out of the cops from many spheres of life, if not from all. Therefore, now they are forced if it can be called, work on the most dirty work. In the very same Cairo, they are called drums, which means «garbage people.»

Of course, the reasons why there are no hurry from the services of drbablains. For example, these people work better than private companies that, besides this asking for their services. Barbalary, take the garbage directly at the entrance or house of residents of Cairo. It is very convenient for them. You still do not need to pay. Therefore, when in 2003 the authorities of Cairo hired private companies in contractors, the inhabitants of the city were unhappy, the fact that from some areas of the city, the services of «garbage people» were ousted by these private companies. After all, people, in this case, it was necessary to carry garbage to the garbage tanks and still pay for services to private companies, which beat them by pocket.

In addition, these people dozens of years work in this field and perfectly know their work, especially since Cairo residents are extremely satisfied with this work. Is that the area of ​​this area is so crippled and there is a malware smell that is spread around. From here, the question is asked how these people suffer it, because they live in the area. Often all my life. Their children are born here, grow up and work on the field of their parents. Such is the closed community, or so to speak, society. In the same area, 250 thousand people live, the Nasir is living, from them by rises — garbage collectors are about 70 thousand. Nevertheless, the area itself and keeps on complete processing of garbage. There are practically no domestic amenities in the area that are familiar to other areas of Cairo, such as electricity, water supply and sewage.

It must be said that the ribblans work at this work from 7 years to death over generations. Egyptian Arabic society holds from them by side and does not contact them, in principle. However, residents of this area of ​​Cairo are persistent and always with a good mood. You can so to say that they are optimistic look at their lives and are not going to leave their area where they grew up, live and work. Although there is such a SMAD, that without a mask and respirator — it is impossible to walk here. Imagine how these people live here. Barbalan belong to the Coptic Orthodox Church. The most famous sights here are as seven underground temples, cutting into the rock of the hill to moccat. Among them, the largest Christian temple in the Middle East, which is the name of the Church of St. Simon Kozhevnik, in which 20 thousand parishioners are fitted.

That’s how. There are so amazing places on our land. Periodically, I will write interesting entertaining articles, except for politics and science.

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