In fact, Russian GDP is greater than in official figures


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Today, again, we continue our heading about the achievements of Russia. Facts, there are facts. Nothing superfluous, only numbers. Today we will talk, we strive about the size of the Russian economy. And what do the economy measure? That’s right, in the size of the gross domestic product. We measure it in the most correct way — in GDP for purchasing power parity. But today’s GDP for PPP will be unusual. Let’s try to explain that in fact, the Russian GDP on PPPs is much more than claimed in official figures. To reason in such a way there are very good reasons.

As you know, GDP consists of several parts, including, including GDP, developed from agriculture and industry, and produced from the scope of services. And then the most interesting begins. The fact is that in Russia a very large proportion of the «shadow» economy, as if, in the service sector. If with industry, more or less figured out, creating state corporations and subordinate to them to the state, which is definitely correct. Well, except that, in the forest industry, there could be shadow incomes, but as you know, a state corporation in the forest sphere and the limitless sale of our forest will be created at all soon, it will cease, it will be under the control of the state. And so, the export of any round forest abroad is already banned. What is definitely victory. More funds will come to the treasury, and in Russia he will heal a new life in the forest industry — in the literal sense of his word. Enough with us, feed infinitely forest industry in China by their round forest.

Well, okay, something we left the topic. So, the service sector remains the most susceptible to «be shadow». There are various reasons for this, for example:

According to official data in 2018, the size of the «shadow» economy in Russia amounted to 20% of GDP. According to unofficial data, the variation of the «shadow» economy Russia reached in 2019 from 25% to 30%. Here are the figures. And the most interesting thing is that the size of GDP is taken not by parity of the purchasing power, but the nominal size of Russian GDP. Now imagine what variation will be, if we take into account the GDP of Russia for the parity of the purchasing venture. The numbers will differ, rather, more than 30%. Shadow economy, you can see with your own eyes. This is in the field of construction, let’s say when people hire a job to a private person, for construction from him or repair. After all, from such labor, no one pays for the state for income as workers working on official vacancies. Yes, what to say, this is practiced in more serious organizations. To such, let’s say, it is possible to take work in the auto show, in summer cafes, tourism. And you probably noticed themselves that over the past 20 years such organizations and the office in Russia have become very and very much.

You understand how much money leaves from the state office and go from accounting in the general GDP of our country. Now let’s talk about numbers. According to official data, the gross domestic product of Russia for purchasing power parity in 2019 amounted to 4282 billion dollars. That sounds good. It is almost like Germany, which in 2019 the GDP on PPPs was $ 4660 billion. Of course, it is less than Japan, whose PPP GDP for the same period amounted to $ 5459 billion. And although what to say, catch up and distinguish, the main thing would be support from the state, and it is, so we work on.

Now, by non-hard computing, learn, and what is it, this GDP on PPP. Take, all the same 2019 year. 2020 to take into account — it does not make sense, because in view of the pandemic, a decline occurred, in Russia — one of the minimum in the world, but nevertheless. Therefore, in the affirmative, we take 2019. So, in 2019, we remind, the GDP of Russia on PPS amounted to $ 4,282 billion. Now, boldly melted this number by 30%, since in 2018 the «shadow» economy was 20% of GDP and it is clear that in 2019, it is unlikely that the situation has changed much. And take without looking, unofficial figures, namely, these 30%. The result will add to the GDP data in 2019 and we obtain the real GDP of Russia for PPS. According to the result, we get 5566.6 billion dollars. Oh, and it turns out that Russia’s GDP is more than the economy of Japan. And, if you consider the «shadow» economy of Japan, then there will be no difference, as there, the share of the «shadow» economy is low, only about 4.5%, and this is no more than $ 200 billion. So it goes. Well, in Germany, the «shadow» economy is about 10%, and it is up to $ 400 billion. However, to Russia in the amount of full GDP in PPS does not reach.

Well, we sum up such a result that in fact, Russia’s GDP is much larger, and is in the fourth place in the world after India, and not on the sixth after Germany. Of course, India’s GDP in 2019 amounted to 9612 billion dollars, and the «shadow» sector is about 20%, and therefore with its account, more than 11,500 billion dollars. However, in India there has already been more than a five-year economic downturn. In Russia, with an increase in economics, it is also not «thick», but nevertheless, there is a stimulus for growth, the sanctions help us in this. Real production is being created, which will spur in the future, the dynamic development of the industry in Russia and the economic growth of the country as a whole.

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