In fact, Russia received the Baltic States in Eternal Use of Sweden


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The relationship between Russia and the Baltic countries in the last thirty years rolled to the zero. So bad relationship between us was probably never. As you know, the Baltic countries moved away from Russia for the 20th century — twice. And after the collapse of the Russian Empire and after the collapse of the Soviet Union. For the second time, the Baltic States entered the Soviet Union (Russia) in 1940, after the beginning of the Second World War. The first time the Baltic States entered Russia after a very interesting event, but perhaps you already know about it.

The fact is that at the beginning of the 18th century, a major war occurred between Russia and Sweden, according to the results of which Russia received access to the sea. Russia has moved large territories in the Baltic States, the so-called livonia. But, if we speak more specifically, Russia bought new lands from the Netadt peace treaty from Sweden. I bought it, and did not take out how it happens in the wars. The Swedes were bought by Estlandia, Ingermanlandia, a plot of Karelia, as well as Liflandia. In total, 2 million silver coins were paid for all of these extensive territories, the so-called Efimok. All this is 56 tons of silver.

Thus, the Baltic States received on legal grounds. She just bought her. In addition, after the Baltic lands entered into Russia — they began to develop very quickly, the so-called, the window of Russia to Europe and its showcase, especially during the Soviet Union. Of course, in our time there is no point in attaching these territories to Russia, as there is no economic benefit in this, even from their seaports. But nevertheless, some argue, even in political circles that the Baltic States belong to Russia rightfully. And the thing is that when buying Baltic States, all legal, legal norms of the time were observed.

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