In fact, Russia is more than a social state, although we have real capitalism


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Our country, Russia is a country in which capitalism is truly building and over the past 20 years, he is not bad in Russia established. Not to say that capitalism is bad, since in the developed capitalism, the country gives you freedom of action. You can open your business and try to develop it to secure yourself and your family has a messy existence. Either, go to the employer who is stably and well pays. This applies to the sphere of production, trade and high technologies.

In addition, capitalist relations have entered the scope of education and you can earn good money, let’s say, in the field of preschool and additional education. Of course, you can go to work in the sphere of state, in the budget sphere, but you need to understand that there are not paying for big money there, but only as your career promotion. Naturally, the state pays well, but it is in law enforcement agencies, in the armed forces and in state corporations. A clear thing is why in law enforcement and in the army they pay well, someone has to protect the state and living people from hooligan encroachments, organized crime and from possible appetites of other countries.

But for us, in Russia, people for some reason are accustomed to the state in all. Like, it didn’t dodge them in something. Such a judgment, in principle, is not true. It’s time to wake up, socialism in Russia collapsed 30 years ago. It’s time to learn how to make money by himself, since the state gives you the opportunity to do it. Or, as I said above, go to work on the state, but for a certain fixed fee. And now, on the topic.

The title of the article states that Russia is in reality, more than a social state, although we are flourishing real capitalism. And if we take a country with a developed system of capitalist relations, then making comparisons, we note that in Russia a lot more of all sorts of benefits, benefits and payments. Many will say that they say, there abroad, they pay more that people can just sit on them on the stove and do nothing. It is not true. They pay there exactly so much so that the person can exist. Exactly like us. It is capitalism, get used to themselves, chose in 1991 and no one even went out to defend the socialist paradise in the USSR, if he really was.

It is clear that there are so many decent benefits, benefits and payments for young families. In Russia, this type of benefits are unprecedented. Nowhere in the world does not pay so abundant in terms of the number of benefits for young families, as in Russia. Recall that only in Russia the institute of benefits and maternity leave for women (and even sometimes, maybe his father will arrange his mother). In the US, the same maternity leave does not exist at all. Some cry that they cannot buy housing. Dear citizens, in some countries of developed capitalism, in the same South Korea, USA and Western European countries — people live in removable accommodation all their lives. In Russia, more than 80% of the inhabitants have their own personal housing, whether it is an apartment or a house in the private sector.

And imagine, even young people, and with the help of parents, including, build their own big house in the private sector of the city or in the village. And in Russia the percentage of such families overwhelming. It is good, beautiful and new accommodation at your own expense. Yes, they take loans, several, pay for 5-10 years, but then, live in their housing. And in other countries, as I said, remove all my life.

Someone will say that in Russia they do not care about the homeless, as in the USA. Maybe here they are right, but the situation changes and will change on. Someone will say that in the same United States pay grants for training in higher and secondary-seat educational institutions. Negork, in Russia, high-special education, is at all, free, with the exception of some. Higher education has a large number of budget places. The main thing is to pass the exams worthy. A mansion is Germany, where the benefits and all sorts of payments look much more than more, maybe better than Russian. Even migrants pay. That’s it.

Naturally, if you are a young or healthy man, then what to whine, go work. Work in Russia is. Simply, we have no more mobile people. Perhaps because of our mentality, when the concept of the Motherland, even our small homeland is not just a word for us, and part of our life. But then you can go temporarily to make money on the construction of your home in your native village or town. They fear inside the country to change, at least temporarily, the place of residence for the sake of work.

Some, only nougetted that they have at home, in the depressive region or city, no work. I do not speak for all that they don’t know, but I personally know such. Maybe for starters to try to change the place of residence, to a more promising region? Next, they cry that they have plants at home, there are still closed Soviet period, and others are not built. Buildings in Russia and as many as. Only build in those regions where enough work hands and convenient transport arteries. So draw conclusions. That’s all.

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