IL-78M-90A — Universal Airplane, Nadezhda Farm Aviation of Russia


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About the unprecedented for modern Russia revival of aircraft, we talked in past articles. It would seem that Russia has nothing more to please avoid lovers. But no, Russia has many more projects that are at her at various stages of implementation. The point is not even that our aircraft has taken on many projects and has not implemented to the end. No, that’s, in recent years, the level and depth of the realization of Russian projects in the field of aircraft enterprise — they reached such a level that it only speaks of the unprecedented revival of our aircraft engineering.

And now, about good news. Let’s talk about a new air tanker — modified IL-78M-90A. Of course, this news is not the newest, since the testing of the aircraft passed back in 2018. It seemed well, the plane-tanker, what to say that. But no, since IL-78 tankers, in principle the only in the Russian army. Therefore, modified tankers are needed by Russia more than ever. The case is still in what. All Russian-existing fuel powers are built at the Chkalov factory in Tashkent, which currently does not exist.

Therefore, Russia as the largest country in the world and also the owner of the second in the world in the power of the army, could not leave this situation on «afloat.» Therefore, it was decided that the IL-78M-90A aircraft will be produced in Russia in Ulyanovsk at Aviastar Aviation Plant. The new modification of the aircraft differs from previous versions of what has additional fuel tanks. But these tanks are not completely simple, but removable. In fact, they can simply be removed and use this aircraft as a military-transport to solve all kinds of tasks both in the combat zone and when eliminating the consequences of the emergency.

We would be called him, a universal aircraft, as it also has a large range, and loading capacity. And the ability to refill two airplanes at once in flight — Impressive. Best in your own way. But this is not all. It is known that the military will receive ten new aircraft of this modification. And this is only the first contract for its production. After all, such contracts will be in the future. By the way, not only from the army, but also from foreign customers. Speaking with simple words: the work is provided by the factory and its workers, as well as institutions and design bureaus, which interact with this aviation plant. In general, people are provided with work for years ahead, and this is the main thing.

It is about revival, since in Soviet times our country was in second place, but in the «Saints 90s» — we were confused by the former power. Before, though, the staff and the design bureaus remained on the «afloat» withstand market transformations and today have powerful support from the state. That’s all right. Perhaps we implement our projects in different areas are not as fast as the same Chinese, however, the work goes and goes systematically.

«The dog barks — the caravan goes.» Enemies and ill-wishers represented by states, always at all times connected all their means to combat competitors. In our times, these funds, including, moved to the Internet space and there is a major topic for discredit. In general, you understood the essence of the words above.

And today everything. Thank you for reading to the end. We are waiting for your reading of our new articles.